How to Celebrate Remotely During a Pandemic

How to Celebrate Remotely During a Pandemic

Globally, we are practicing social distancing. In the beginning, it felt like it only infringed on date night with the hubby or Friday evening happy hour with your friends, but now, special days will feel slightly different too. This year will be anything but normal, but finding new ways to celebrate things such as anniversaries, promotions, and possibly even Mother’s Day will place a new spin on things and maybe spark some new traditions.


Many soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Have found creative ways to have their weddings without cancelling. While considering the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing, you can send out updated invitations, and make plans to move forward with the wedding with just your soon-to-be spouse, an officiant and a photographer who will live-streams the ceremony. Your new invites can provide instructions as to where your guests can tune in to interact and be a part of the day. While this may not be the giant party you had envisioned and dreamt of, depending on your situation, it may be better than cancelling.

For other holiday and birthday celebrations, trying to maintain as much normalcy as possible while incorporating some creativity will go a long way.

Decorate Anyway

Nothing is gloomier than a birthday without balloons, Easter without bunnies and Passover without an elegant Seder table. Get in the spirit and decorate anyway! Having your home still feel like the holidays in the midst of the chaos can return you to a sense of calm and will provide some normalcy. You can order online to plan ahead to avoid having to run to the store for supplies and balloons.

Order Your Favorite Family Meal

In the midst of the pandemic, many restaurants are thriving serving take out only. If you and your family are missing out on the usual Easter brunch, ham dinner, or Seder meal, there are many places you can order from that ensure that you do not have to spend tons of time at the grocery store doing your best to round up ingredients. Most stores are heavily picked over from stockpiling and it is unknown what will be available in the store.

Attend Religious Services

You can still attend your services on many social platforms, such as Facebook. Many synagogues and churches have advertised that they will be streaming live services for their congregation on a virtual level. You can attend from your living room in your jammies!

Utilize Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype

With these social platforms, it is possible to conference in everyone at the same time to “hang out” virtually. You can see everyone’s face all at once while you enjoy your holiday. You can even eat together and have virtual cooking competitions. A great idea to help the holidays still feel like the holidays is to send out an evite, an invitation by email with the time and date for the virtual gathering.

Although these holidays and mile-markers just do not feel all that much like a celebration, there is still room for celebration while putting our health first. Being cautious and maintaining social distancing in these times is paramount. You love your family and friends and taking these precautions will ensure that next year, you will be together, under the same roof, reminiscing about last year’s mayhem.

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