How to Build the Best Easter Basket for Kids Under $20

What to Put in Your Kids Easter Basket?
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When putting together Easter baskets this year, you might be wondering what items you can add besides candy. While we all love Peeps and chocolate eggs, it can quickly become another sugar crash holiday. To help boost your creativity, we’ve come up with 20 ideas that are all under $20 that you can combine and mix in your Easter baskets this year. Soon enough, you’ll know how to build the best Easter basket for kids without breaking your budget.

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1. Easter Chocolate Eggs, $3.50

You can never go wrong with chocolate in your kid’s basket, especially when it’s on theme in the shape of an egg. There are different brands you can get these from, whether it be Hershey’s, Reece’s, or Twix. If you get one or two bags, they can be evenly divided if you have more than one child, or even keep some for your own secret stash.

 2. Books, $4 to $10 

How to Build the Best Easter Basket for Kids: books
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We all love our children, so there’s nothing wrong with wanting to help them learn and add new book to their basket. To make it more fun for the children, choose a book based on something they love. If you want to make it Easter-related, you can check on Amazon for books like this Llama Llama Easter Egg book that can make a great addition to your kid’s library.

3. Coloring Book, $13

Another item that will put you over the top in terms of the best Easter basket for kids is coloring books.  Our favorite pack from Amazon comes with twenty-four coloring books for kids. It’s great because you can divide them among your kids, and you don’t have to pay a lot for just one coloring book. You can get crayons from the dollar store and still spend less than twenty dollars.  

4. Noise Putty, $11.15  

This Flarp noise putty will have the kids busy for a while. If it makes a noise, it is a win in the kid’s eyes, and slime is a bonus. This is a three-pack so if you have three kids, each kid can have their own.  Even if you need to get one more, it is less than six dollars, and you would still have paid less than twenty dollars for a super fun new toy.

5. LEGO 3-in-1 Road Buggy, $12 

How to Build the Best Easter Basket for Kids: Lego toys
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If your child likes Legos, check out this 3 -in-1 Lego Creator. These toys are very affordable, and the best part is that your child will have to build it. This Lego set also becomes three different things, so it’s not like they can only build it once. It can be a buggy, skid loader digger, or ATV. They’ll have fun putting it together and taking it apart on Easter morning.

6. Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, $10 

For beautiful days outside, this Crayola Chalk Set is a perfect way for kids to play in the fresh air. It comes in 64 colors, and eight have a glittery effect, which kids will love. With all of these chalk options, they won’t run out for quite some time.

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7. Stuffed Bunny, $13 to $16 

The best Easter basket for kids cannot exist without a stuffed bunny. They are cute and cuddly and come in eight different colors so you can even have them pick their favorite colors. This is a great gift idea if you have cousins, nieces, or nephews coming over because each child can choose their own and know which bunny belongs to each child.

8. Punch Balloons, $10 

How to Build the Best Easter Basket for Kids: punch balloons
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Punch Balloons is a great Easter basket stuffer. This pack comes with 30 balloons, so it’s a great value. Kids love it because they must keep punching the balloon, but it’s tied around their wrist and won’t go anywhere. It’s certainly a toy that will keep their attention for a long time.

9. Play Foam, $9 

This Play Foam is a great sensory toy to add to Easter baskets. There are eight in this pack, so you can give each kid one or two, depending on how many kids you’ll see for the holiday. We suggest putting them in a Ziplock bag because they don’t come in containers. This will keep it separate from any other supplies or toys you decide to add to the basket.

10. Favorite snacks, $1.25 

Instead of more candy, you can place a few of your kid’s favorite snacks, like chips, candy, or drinks, in their Easter basket. If there is a drink they don’t usually have, it can be a stuffer. Since they don’t have it a lot, they will be surprised by it. You can even go to the dollar store for this stuff because they have most snacks at an affordable price.

11. Ktebo LCD Writing Tablet, $12

How to Build the Best Easter Basket for Kids: LCD Writing Tablet
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This Ktebo LCD Writing Tablet is pretty cool and can help kids learn.  It is an excellent Easter basket stuffer because it can do so much. Whether they draw, count numbers, or learn the alphabet, they’ll be entertained and enjoy the bright colors. The best part about this item is that it won’t harm eyesight and has no radiation or glare. 

12. Gift Card, $20 or less 

If you have older kids or want them to be able to pick their Easter treat, you can add a gift card to their basket. Examples could be Walmart or even food-related places like Chick-Fil-A or Starbucks. This also makes your life easier if you’re having trouble thinking of things they might like. For kids under 10 years old, you can add $5 and they’ll think they’re rich.

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13. BUNMO Glow in The Dark Stretchy Strings, $10 

These BUNMO glow-in-the-dark stretchy strings are great Easter basket stuffers. It is excellent to help with anxiety, stress, autism, ADHD, and ADD. They are convenient and portable, so your kids can enjoy them anywhere.  They stretch over nine feet and aren’t sticky to the touch, so you won’t have to worry about them being transferred all around the house. 

14. OCHIDO Easter Eggs Toys with Cars, $16 

How to Build the Best Easter Basket for Kids: Easter eggs with OCHIDO cars
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If your kids enjoy cars, you can buy these OCHIDO toys in Easter eggs. It comes in a pack of twelve, so it will fill up a basket quite nicely. Each egg has a different car, so they will be surprised and enjoy opening each one. Opening eggs is a great Easter tradition, so this addition instantly makes it the best Easter basket for kids.

15. Bluey Jigsaw Puzzle, $13 

Bluey is all the rage with kids these days, so this jigsaw puzzle makes for a great basket stuffer. It comes with two puzzle packs and it is excellent for kids aged three and up. They have three other packs that you can get, but all are still under twenty dollars. 

16. Easter Fidget Toys Pack, $17 

These Easter fidget toys come with 190 different fidget toys. There are squishes, stickers, pop key chains, pop bracelets, Easter glasses, and more. They will be busy with these for days because there are so many different options to play with.

17. Easter Stickers, $9 

How to Build the Best Easter Basket for Kids: Easter stickers
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We all know that kids love stickers and with these Easter stickers, they can make their own designs. They can put the eyes, nose, and mouth on eggs or a bunny, which makes for a fun Easter morning activity. The bright side is that there are 36 sheets, so you have lots of choices and no one will be left out of the fun.

18Jumbo Unicorn & Dinosaur Deformation Eggs, $14

These Jumbo Unicorn & Dinosaur toys are perfect because there are four eggs with dinosaurs and four with unicorns. They can be divided among the children, and you don’t have to pay much. Each egg is different, so you don’t get the same dinosaur or unicorn. It will make for a fun Easter morning surprise.

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19. Easter Mini Bubble Wands Toys, $13 

You can never go wrong with bubbles. These are Easter mini wand bubbles that will make a perfect addition to your kid’s Easter basket. It comes with 48 pieces, so each kid can have more than one, and you can even share it with their friends because you will have extra left over. 

20. Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings, $15 

How to Build the Best Easter Basket for Kids: flying rings
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Last, but not least, this is an excellent toy for kids to get outside and play with. These flying rings fly straight and won’t hurt if they hit you. This toy is a great way to replace screen time with family fun. There are nine different mix-and-match colors you can choose from. They can also be enjoyed in the water because they float so they won’t sink to the bottom, whether at the beach, lake, or pool.

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