Best Gadgets for Mom

gadgets for mom

Moms work hard, caring for the kids, cooking dinner, cleaning the house. They have to struggle with the problems of the family while being the rock that even dad cries on. They need a bit of a break. We found the best gadgets to save the moms of the world a bit of time and energy. If you are a new mom or even a new grandma you will love these easy to use gadgets to save you a bit of hassle in your lives. Our best gadgets for mom list will save time, reduce stress, and maybe even add a little mom magic into your lives.

Snuza Baby Breathing Monitor

gadgets for mom

Bringing home a newborn is stressful. Hormones are raging, the pain drugs are wearing off and you are beginning to recover the most beautiful traumatic experience of your life.  Only to lie awake staring at your peacefully sleeping baby worrying if it is still breathing.

Snuza’s Baby Breathing Monitor gives you peace of mind. Simply clip the monitor into the waistband of your child and it will alert you if the babies breathing becomes irregular. The little monitor runs on AAA batteries and is loud enough to rouse you from the deepest slumber.

Kiinde Breastmilk Products

Best Gadgets for Mom

The studies are in and breastmilk is better for babies. But it can be hard to find the time. Between work and home life taking time to breastfeed is difficult. The Kiinde Breastmilk Products just make it easier.

The Kiinde line is affordable, safe, and convenient. Pump directly into the 6 or 8 oz pouches, and freeze. When you need a bottle just use the Kiinde warmer or if on the go some warm water. No more cleaning and sterilizing bottles. Great for daycares, babysitters, travel, or your husbands best friend.

Neato D6

Best Gadgets for Mom

The cleaning revolution is here and surprise surprise it is robots leading the way. Don’t add another chore to your hectic day when you can have a little robot pal clean while you are away.

Having clean floors with almost no work just part of the appeal, robot vacuums also encourage picking messes and entertain children. When your toddler begins following the robot around picking up their toys so the robot can clean, it teaches them to keep their messes off the floor, and when it is done it gives off cheerful beeps.

Picking the right vacuum for you is easy, choose a Neato D6. HEPA filtered, smart navigation, and No-Go lines with a terrific app. Make the Neato robot vacuums the best choice.

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Dyson Hair Dryer

Best Gadgets for Mom

Dyson makes good products, we love their vacuums and air filters but our favorite product might be the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. The Supersonic is expensive but it is worth every penny. The speed is just so impressive. It allows us to blow dry and style our hair in half the time. Those five or ten minutes added to our day are a godsend, especially when we are running behind. It means breakfast at home instead of being hangry until lunch, being able to pick a cute outfit for the kids instead of whatever is relatively clean off the floor or just a quiet moment during a hectic day.

But even if it didn’t cut the time in half, it still gives an amazing blow dry. Our hair is softer, less heat damaged and just looks better. Dyson really hit it out of the park with their new airflow design and safety features. If you have a daughter start saving, it’s worth it.

Kindle for Mom

Best Gadgets for Mom

Reading is relaxing. So are kids listening to sesame street with headphones on. The Kindle and Amazon Kindle Unlimited have an ever-growing collection of books for you to relax while your kids learn their numbers and ABCs. The new Kindle Paperwhite has battery life measured in weeks, while still being light enough to go anywhere. Now that they are water resistant that includes the bath and beach. The new Kindles also include audible sync so if you don’t have the time to read at home you can listen to your books on tape during your drive or workout.

Kindle Fire HD tablets for Kids

Best Gadgets for Mom

The Kindle Fire Tablet for kids features strong parental controls, a soft shock absorbent case and a year of Amazon Freetime free. Underneath the Kid features, it is still a fully featured Kindle Fire for when they outgrow the training wheels.

But one of the most important features is the headphone jack so you don’t need to listen to Daniel Tiger, Blippy or Sesame Street for the thousanth time. If your kids break it, Amazon with replace it no questions asked.

Tao Clean Sonic Makeup brush cleaner

When you are busy with kids, you don’t have time to clean makeup brushes. Hand washing them with baby shampoo then drying them is time-consuming. So you buy a second set then when you don’t get to it, it isn’t as big of a deal. Before long you are frantically looking for the one good brush in the piles and you start looking seriously at an airbrush. We have all been there.

Or you could just use The Tao Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner. Clean up to 6 brushes at once with just the push of a button. The sonic cleaning system is gentle on even your most expensive brush or sponge, and it cleans better than you can by hand. We used it on three brushes we thought were clean and boy were we wrong. Now the brushes look and feel amazing.

Nessie Soup Ladle

Best Gadgets for Mom

There is something that lurks deep beneath the noodles, swimming amongst the spaghettis, in the briny deeps of the stew. The Nessie Soup Ladle is just a fun and adorable soup ladle that solves the problem of what to do with a wet ladle after dishing up some soup. Instead of leaving it on the counter and needing to clean the mess later just leave it in the soup.

It’s fun, it’s adorable, it makes a great conversation piece, and looks amazing in Instagram photos.

Salt and Pepper wands

Best Gadgets for Mom

Add a little magic to your cooking with these salt and pepper wands. We love the Salt and Pepper wands because they keep the girls at a safe distance when they help us cook, they love them because it makes them feel like witches. So if you need some salt too. Right in your stew. 

Bippdy Boppidy Boo.

Jura Super Automatic Coffee Maker

Best Gadgets for Mom

Everyone loves coffee but finding the time to wait in line at a drive-through is a luxury. Luckily making Starbuck quality coffee at home has never been easier with a Jura Super automatic. The Jura makes several great machines that grind, tamp, and serve you coffee all at the touch of a button.

The best part is the cost, coffee sold as whole bean is not only cheaper than Starbuck its cheaper than most Keurig Pods. It also tastes better, with almost no cleanup. Add in the automatic Milk Frother and you can quickly make any drink served by your local barista at a fifth the price. Just add a little flavored syrup for the perfect latte. But we found that once you are drinking freshly ground coffee you don’t need to add milk, flavors or sugars. That makes coffee healthier for you.

Don’t let the high prices scare you. We found a great refurbished from, He has great support, quality machines and is always willing to help. We were able to get our C9 at half price.

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