The jury’s still out on whether Donald Trump can or should be president, but let’s face it, the guy knows real estate, and maybe, now wine.

Back in 2011, he picked up one of the most coveted pieces of property in Virginia — for pennies on the dollar.

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The Kluge Vineyard and Estate was for sale because the Kluge family was facing bankruptcy thanks to tons of overleveraged deals. At the time, Trump claimed he was more interested the property, which sits along the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, than the vineyards.

But of the almost 1,300 acres near Thomas Jefferson’s historic home, practically 200 acres had vines planted on them and were producing wine.

So it was hard to avoid it. Not to mention, 30 of those acres were planted in 1999 and another 160 in 2004. Some of those grapes needed to be picked.

And the notion of a winery seemed to fit perfectly with the Trump lifestyle brand, says general manager Kerry Woolard.

So they renamed it the Trump Winery and his son Eric became president.

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