30 Flight Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Easier

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We want you to be able to travel easier so we’ve researched and discovered the 30 best flight hacks perfect for your next trip:

1. Arrive 2 hours before your flight.

Depending on the time and the day of your flight, lines at the airport can be outrageously long. If you didn’t download your ticket on your phone, you would have to print your ticket at the computer section, check your bag, go through security, and find your gate. Each airport is unique and different, and you want to give yourself enough time to get through the airport. 

2. Check in online 24 hours in advance.

Most airlines will let you check in online 24 hours before your flight. That will allow you to skip the line for check-in at the airport. Most airlines will also give you better seats the sooner you check in. 

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3. Check the weight of your luggage.

We advise you to check the weight of your luggage before heading to the airport. That way, you can avoid the fee for overweight bags. The maximum weight limit is 50 pounds per checked bag. The prices for overweight bags can be as much as $100 to $200, depending on how much extra weight is added to your luggage. 

4. Keep your electronics at the top of your carry-on.

When going through airport security, they will have you take out all electronics and put them in a separate bin. You don’t want your electronics at the bottom of your suitcase; you will be standing there holding up the line, searching for all your things. 

5. Wear easily removable shoes.

You will have to remove your shoes for airport security. Therefore, be sure that the shoes you wear are easy to slip on and off. Avoid wearing shoes that will take time to tie or are a struggle to put on. Make sure to wear socks as well, because you don’t want your bare feet on the airport floor since you will be removing your shoes. 

6. Bring your snacks.

Flight Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Easier
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Expect to pay excessive prices at the airport for snacks like chips, candy, chocolate, etc. Therefore, you bring your snacks, so you save money. 

7. Bring an empty water bottle.

You can’t bring water through security, but you can take an empty water bottle. Once you get past security, you can fill the bottle with water at the water fountain, which is entirely free, instead of buying bottled water. 

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8. Continuously check your flight status.

Flights can change anytime or have a cancellation, so it is best to check your flights. Multiple things can change when it comes to flights: the time, the gate, or a canceled flight. You can get the airline app you are flying with to keep you updated about your flights. 

9. Do not listen to music at the airport.

It is tempting to put your earplugs in and listen to music or watch a show on your phone, but you could miss an important announcement. Often, airlines will make an announcement with important information over the intercoms regarding your flight.

10. Take a photo of your parking spot

Flight Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Easier
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If you are leaving your car at the airport for a while, taking a photo of where you are parking will help you remember where your car is. Take a picture of the floor number you are parked on rather than the cars you are parked near, so when you return, you will know exactly where your vehicle is. 

11. Bring a portable charger 

If your flight is long, it’s best to bring a portable charger. Even if you charge your electronics before your flight, sometimes it isn’t enough. A portable charger is great when traveling due to using your phone for videos, pictures, and streaming shows. 

12. Keep essentials close to you in your backpack or purse

The most common essentials that you will need close to you are headphones, snacks, drinks, and a portable charger. You can place the bag at your feet, under the seat in front of you. It beats you digging through your suitcase in the overhead bin while on a packed plane.

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13. If your flight gets canceled

If you are waiting for a flight and it ends up getting canceled, don’t wait in the line that will form at the service counter. It is a little known secret that if you call your airline’s customer service phone number, you can get your flight rebooked within a few minutes and it beats standing in line for an hour. 

14. Download movies from Netflix

Flight Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Easier
Credit – Netflix

If you have an iPad or a smartphone, you can download movies and TV shows directly from the Netflix app. You can watch your favorite content without using Wi-Fi or data. Make sure to have some phone drive space available to download movies and TV shows. 

15. Pick a comfortable travel outfit

On a plane, you want to be as comfortable as possible since you won’t have much room to move around unless you are in first class. Try wearing sweatpants, yoga pants, or anything you can move freely in and be comfortable wearing. 

16. Bring hand sanitizer

Many people can get sick when they go on an airplane because they are touching things all day that hundreds of other people have handled as well. If you want to make sure to kill the germs on your hands, pack hand sanitizer in your bag. 

17. Ask about a free upgrade

You could get lucky and get a free upgrade to first class. It is far more likely to happen if the flight is empty. You won’t know unless you ask and see what seats might be available. 

18. Inform your car rental service

Flight Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Easier
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If you rent a car at your destination airport, include your flight number when reserving. This will help rental people know when to expect you. That way, your vehicle will be ready for you as soon as you land. 

19. Choose a morning flight to avoid turbulence

If you dislike turbulence and are a fan of smooth flights, one of the best things you can do is book a morning flight. Morning flights have less turbulence due to weather patterns. The earlier you fly, the less likely you will have a bumpy flight. 

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20. Exercise before going to the airport

If you exercise before your flight, it will boost your immune system and your endorphins, which will make you less grumpy. It will also make it easier to fall asleep once you are onboard. 

21. Bring lollipops for your kids

When your flight is about to land, that’s when your ears tend to start popping. Ears popping on a flight hurts more children than adults. We suggest packing lollipops so your kids can suck on them while the plane is landing. It will prevent their ears from hurting so badly from the popping. 

22. Buy a dummy wallet to confuse pickpockets 

Flight Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Easier
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Pickpockets have gotten good at picking up wallets without the person noticing. Having a dummy wallet will trick those that think they have gotten away with stealing your wallet. Keep your real wallet close to you like an ankle holster. 

23. Tie a bright-colored ribbon to your luggage

If you have luggage that will look very similar to other baggage, we suggest you tag something colorful on the handle of the luggage. Try something like a ribbon or handkerchief in a bright color. It will make your bag stand out from other bags, and you will know which bag is yours at baggage claim. 

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24. Skip contacts and wear glasses

If you wear contacts, we recommend you wear your glasses instead. When you are on a plane, the lack of oxygen will cause your eyes to dry out, causing irradiation until you remove your contacts. 

25. Fly on cheap days

It probably sounds crazy, but flights do have days that are cheaper to fly on. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually more affordable in the middle of the week. Of course, the weekends are more expensive because that’s when most people are often off from work.

26. Fly with budget airlines

Flight Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Easier
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If you are on a budget when flying, try using Spirit, Frontier, or Southwest. They are budget-friendly airlines. We know Spirit leaves people with mixed emotions, but there are two other alternatives if you don’t want to fly with Spirit. 

27. Use packing cubes 

Packing cubes have become the best luggage hack for packing more efficiently. They help organize your belongings so that everything has a place and nothing gets lost at the bottom of your suitcase. They are great for preventing clothes from getting creased and come in different sizes at an affordable price. 

28. Get a travel credit card 

If you are a frequent traveler, a travel credit card can help you save money on your trips. Travel cards often have great perks, such as free travel insurance, access to airport lounges, and points you can redeem for flights, hotels, and other related expenses. Conduct research to find the best travel credit card and take advantage of all its perks and benefits.

29. Book everything well in advance

It is best to make sure you book the flight, transportation to the airport, car rental, and hotel in advance of when you are trying to travel. That way, everything is taken care of, you have all the confirmations, and no one can say that you booked too late and can’t find your booking. 

30. Download an offline version of Google Maps

Flight Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Easier
Credit – Google

This is an incredible hack to avoid getting lost in a city you’re visiting for the first time. Download an offline version of Google Maps for the area you visit, and you will have access without using data. Go to Google Maps and search for the city you are planning to visit, and then click the three dots in the right corner of the screen, and it will give you the option to download offline. 

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