Fitness App or Personal Trainer – Which is Right for You?

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Most individuals agree wholeheartedly that a proper diet and exercise regimen is critical to a healthy, happy life, but few individuals are able to achieve their goals in this area.  Considering that it takes a lot of persistence and dedication in order to stick with one’s diet and exercise regimen, it’s no wonder that many individuals look for help, either in the form of fitness apps or personal trainers.  But is one better than the other in helping the individual to reach their goals?

When they were initially introduced, many fitness apps were little more than tracking programs.  They could count an individual’s steps, miles and calories burned, but little else. In contrast, the benefit of a personal trainer, of course, is that an individual would have to answer to a real person who would demand that they work out regularly and as thoroughly as necessary to achieve their fitness goals.

Today, many fitness apps are more like all-in-one virtual personal trainers, offering guided workout plans that include timed workouts and advanced goals that an individual can adjust to their own personal needs and desires. So can fitness apps help you to reach your fitness goals as well as–or perhaps even better than–personal trainers? A lot of the individual’s choice will have to do with their own personal preferences, but there are a couple of key points to consider:

● Motivation.  With a fitness app, the individual may get some type of motivation in the form of statistics and prompts, but that’s not quite the same as having another human being believe in and push you forward.

● Cost. Where an individual usually pays nothing at all for the fitness apps he uses, he will pay out a good deal in order to retain a personal trainer–sometimes as much as one hundred fifty to two hundred dollars per session.  This may drive some individuals to be more dedicated to their workouts when they are overseen by a personal trainer.  That said, some fitness apps can be upgraded to more advanced settings for a modest price, which means that the individual may still find this sufficiently conducive to maintaining a regular workout regimen.

● Schedule.  With a personal trainer, one has to adhere to a specific schedule for their workouts.  With fitness apps, the individual can create a fitness plan that they can carry out whenever it’s most convenient for them.

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