10 Amazing Family RVs For Sale In The U.S. Right Now

Family Motorhomes
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It’s amazing what deals you can find when looking for family motorhomes on sale in the United States. From classic GMC’s to Tiffin Phaeton Diesels. We’ve got you covered.

  • As bargains vary from state to state, we’ve picked out the 10 best vehicles we found on sale and why they deserve to be on your list of potential buys.
  • We also added a bonus pick, a classic GMC motorhome for sale. Showing that if you look hard enough, surprising deals are still available.
  • If you’re looking for the best way to explore this great nation without spending over-the-odds on an RV, this list is for you.

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Tiffin Allegro Breeze 31 BR – $239,000 upwards

One of the best diesel motorhomes on the market is the Tiffin Allegro Breeze 31 BR. This particular model is also one of Tiffin’s most compact, yet it is still packed with luxury features.

This diesel motorhome comes complete with advanced and innovative features, including customized PowerGlide chassis, handcrafted cabinets, and porcelain tiled floors. It also includes a TV and fireplace in the living room and a spacious kitchen with a three-stove burner and residential fridge.

Newmar Ventana 4369 – $168,000 upwards

10 Amazing Family Motorhomes For Sale In The U.S. Right Now - Newmar Ventana 4369
Credit: RV Trader

When you are in the market for an RV, a Newmar Ventana 4369 motorhome for sale is not to be ignored. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Class A motorhomes and diesel motorhomes that money can buy.

From its spacious unit that functions as a fully loaded home on wheels, offering hotel-like comfort and facilities. State of the art features of the Ventana series includes top-notch electronics and modern appliances.

The interior space can easily accommodate a master suite, living area, and fully equipped kitchen. The bedroom even comes with a king-size bed and a huge bathroom with two separate sinks and a separate shower.

Entegra Aspire Class A Motorhome – $161,000 upwards

The Entegra Aspire Class A Motorhome boasts 40 feet floorplans perfect for families. It has four slide outs, along with an outdoor kitchen, and if buying new you can even choose the outdoor entertainment features included.

The key features of the Entegra Aspire Class A Motorhome include:

  • 1,000-watt engine block heater
  • Six different floor plans
  • Side-mounted radiator
  • Insulated, enclosed, thermostat-controlled storage area
  • Equalizer hydraulic automatic leveling

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Winnebago Revel – $119,000 upwards

10 Amazing Family RVs For Sale In The U.S. Right Now

A delightfully simple Class B motorhome, the Winnebago Revel comes with low-range electronic stability and traction control, along with active brake assist, adaptive cruise control, four-wheel ABS, and lane-keeping assist. The cab comes with a rearview/stereo monitor system that includes a 10.25-inch screen, 12-volt DC power points, adjustable seats, and enough cup holders for even the largest family outing.

Winnebago Forza 34T Motorhome – $95,500 upwards

Another great motorhome to buy is the Winnebago Forza 34T Class A Motorhome. This can prove to be a major powerhouse on the road and is a family-friendly RV ideal for long trips across the country. There is a living area slide-out that helps increase the living space. There’s also a second slide out that opens up the kitchen and bedroom areas. A queen-sized bed is included and there is even a separate sliding door for added privacy. You can definitely get a lot of bang for your buck here.

Winnebago Solis – $72,000 upwards

10 Amazing Family Motorhomes For Sale In The U.S. Right Now - Winnebago Solis
Credit: RV Trader

This small Class B motorhome sleeps four and is ideal for small families. It comes loaded with features such as the front-wheel-drive Tam Promaster chassis, six feet, two inches of interior height, along with ergonomic, shoulder belted rear seats behind the driver, and many other features that have brought this motorhome to the top of the best small motorhomes list of 2020.

The $72,000 cost is for a new 2021 model.

Winnebago View 24J – $37,000 upwards

10 Amazing Family RVs For Sale In The U.S. Right Now

If you’re looking for small motorhomes, then the Winnebago View 24J is one worth checking out. This RV is popular because it combines economy and luxury. This is also a small Class C motorhome that is perfect for couples or small families of two or three.

The overhead bunk beds, seating flexibility, large kitchen sink, and a fold-out bed are some of this model’s neatest features. The Winnebago View 24J does not have any specific area set aside for the bed, as it is incorporated as part of the seating design itself to make the model more compact.

Thor Chateau 31F Class C – $36,000 upwards

Another addition to the greatest Class C motorhomes list is the Thor Chateau. This is one of the most luxurious small RV’s you can get. It comes with many interior innovations that many of the other motorhomes skip out on.

Not only is this small motorhome extremely mobile, but it also includes a full range oven in the kitchen, beautiful cabinetry, and a large queen-sized bed. And with deals starting at around $36,000 for a 2012 model, it could be one of the best options to find a bargain on.

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Coachmen Freelancer – $25,000 upwards

10 Amazing Family RVs For Sale In The U.S. Right Now

If you want to travel on the road with your entire family, there is nothing like the Coachmen Freelander, it is one of the most popular Class C motorhomes you can get. The Freelander models all range within 21 to 31 feet, and the chassis comes in both Ford and Chevy options. There’s also a long list of floorplans if buying new.

Bonus: 1976 Birchaven – $19,500

1976 Birchaven
Credit: GMC Motorhome Marketplace

We couldn’t have a list without including any GMC motorhomes for sale. And because this is a bonus we’ve found a retro-gem.

This 1976 Birchaven is apparently in good condition, but some minor repairs are required. The key points:

  • The 455-engine is working smoothly.
  • Generator works efficiently.
  • The tires have been recently replaced.
  • Body is in good shape without any dents.
  • It is equipped with the couch, bunk bed, and other facilities.

What’s not to love about this 76 throwback. We love it.

Tip: A new RV can be a significant investment, so buying used is a definite option. However, it is always prudent to remember that even the best second-hand motorhome will need to be investigated fully. So, before buying any type of motorhome, do thorough research.

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