5 Easy Ways To Turn Your Favorite Eye Shadow Into Eyeliner

Easy Ways To Turn Your Favorite Eye Shadow Into Eyeliner
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Converting your eye shadow into eyeliner is one way to get the most out of your makeup, and is a technique experienced makeup artists have been employing for years.

Amazingly, there are a host of ways to do this, and it is a lot easier than you think it would be. These are the easiest ways to turn your favorite eye shadow into eyeliner:

1. Water

You should never underrate the effectiveness of a little bit of water! This is most likely the simplest and most convenient choice to turn your favorite eye shadow into eyeliner.

First, wet your angled brush by running it under running water, and then use the wet brush to pick up your preferred eye makeup color. It will chalk up into a consistency similar to paste, which you will be able to simply swipe across both your upper and lower eyelids in the same manner as you would with a liquid liner.

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2. With Setting Spray

Setting spray should be sprayed onto a small angle brush. One light mist should be enough to achieve the desired effect, making it damp but not soaking wet. After that, apply the eye shadow of your choice to both sides of the brush, and paint along the lash line or wherever else you want the line to be.

You may ensure that your eyeliner will last all day by setting it with a setting spray. It is of great assistance in securing the product. In addition to that, you can use a very small round brush with long hair. This works well for a line that is more of a circular line or one that flows freely.

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3. Do Nothing

Even if all you have is a single shadow and a brush (or even just the pointed end of a sponge), you can still make eyeliner out of almost nothing by combining the two. Even if it is true that you cannot achieve a really crisp appearance with liquid belt-resistant eyeliner, it is still possible to achieve a smeared eyeliner effect, which is just as amazing.

It is suggested to use an eye shadow with a creamy consistency, but any old shadow will truly do the trick. Cream eye shadow will be easy to combine and smudge together. Simply use the color of your choice to tap your bowl, then glide over your upper deck and under your lower deckline.

4. With a Mixing Medium

Mixing mediums come in the form of a tacky gel that binds eye shadows and other loose pigments. Since mixing mediums is a go-to for professional makeup artists, you can count on them to keep your eye shadow where it belongs on your lids rather than all over your face.

The NYX Professional Makeup Multitasker Mixing Medium and the Makeup by Mario Master Metal Manipulator are available at prices that belie their affordability.

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5. Grab Coconut Oil

Because coconut oils are known to work wonders for your skin, teeth, and hair, and because every beauty connoisseur is aware of these benefits, this jar of magic may also change eyeshadows into eyeliners.

This is one of the many ways that coconut oils can improve your appearance. The only thing you need to do is mix loose powdered shadow with coconut oil until the combination reaches a viscosity that is appropriate for use as eyeliner. After that, you’re good to go!

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