My Conversation with Ovid Winemaker Austin Peterson

My Conversation with Ovid Winemaker Austin Peterson

I had such a great conversation with Austin Peterson, winemaker at Ovid Vineyards. He’s super young, super intelligent and is making super fantastic wines.

Peterson is the son of a winemaker and has worked with Andy Erickson, one of the greatest winemakers of our time.  So he’s no slouch.

And Ovid is located on Pritchard Hill, a rocky hillside some 1,400 feet above the Napa Valley floor.  It’s gorgeous.  I have had the great pleasure of visiting once before.  But because of the terrain, they can only plant on a whopping 15 acres — yes, 15 — thats it.

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They plant the Bordeaux varietals — Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot — in one acre blocks.

Ovid produces only two wines, with total production of about 500 cases each harvest.  But because its so small, Peterson is involved in practically every grape.

The Ovid Napa Valley is Bordeaux blend.  And the Experiment is, well, just that, anything he wants.  Lately Peterson has been playing around with Cabernet Franc.  Yum.

And look its not cheap.  And its hard to get.  You have to get on a list and its sold in three-packs at $175 per bottle.  Experiment, which retails at around $90, has a very limited distribution and is mainly sold to restaurants.

Still listen in — the life of a winemaker is so intriguing.  It’s an art form.  And Peterson gets to be an artist on a jagged canvas.

Oh and there’s a white wine coming.  See, I told you, you have to listen in!

If you have ever tried these wines, of course you have to let me know!

Cent’ Anni.

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