Coco Bistro

Coco Bistro

My wife and I were excited to finally eat at Coco Bistro after missing out on our first visit since we hadn’t made reservations in advance. Tip one – if you want to eat here, book a few weeks before your trip! We made early and late week reservations to bookend our trip, and came in with expectations through the roof.

First the good – Coco Bistro is beautiful! The outdoor seating nestled throughout a grove of palm trees under the lights creates an incredible ambiance and offers an experience unmatched anywhere else on Provo. Coco Bistro provides the setting for a romantic evening and deserves to be a stop on your culinary tour in Turks based on the ambiance alone.

About the food at Coco Bistro…

Based on the reviews, we were expecting spectacular… a real oohs and aahs-type experience. Maybe we set the bar was too high, but overall, the food was just ok, rating right in the middle of the pack – comparable to Caicos Cafe and Mango Reef where we arguably had better meals.

The crab & tuna appetizer we started with was a bit of a downer. It came out looking like a wobbly layered tower of Pisa. I’m sure it was great fresh fish, but the look and the compressed presentation gave it a gelatinous texture.

The blackened Mahi Mahi with red curry sauce was probably the best dish of the night. The mango chutney brought out the great flavor of the fish, and it the jasmine rice was the perfect accompaniment. Great dish – would order this again.

Surprisingly, the tuna was just blehh – we asked for rare and got a medium or med/well, making the fish boring. In the same vein, the wasabi potatoes had very little wasabi and the accompanying asparagus was a limp afterthought – all in all, it was a very mediocre tuna dish relative to others we had over the week.

We would and will definitely give Coco Bistro another shot given the ambiance and the creative menu (perhaps we misordered), but with all the great options in Turks, we cancelled our second dinner reservation there (someone got lucky!), to try some other spots. Hopefully, our next visit there will live up to the hype.


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