Chicago Students Take Note: Summer Jobs Available On Mackinac Island

Chicago Students Summer Jobs
Credit: Eli Duke / Wiki Commons

Calling all Chicago students, if you’re looking for a summer job, why not take a look at picturesque Mackinac Island?

It is situated in Lake Huron between Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas and their small businesses are on the lookout for summer staff.

As reported by CBS Chicago, Andrew Doud, the owner of Doud’s Market and The Mackinac House hotel said “We go from a community of about 500 people in the winter to ramping up to a workforce of about 4,000 people in the summer – and that’s from housekeeping to waiters, cooks, bartenders, deli managers, butchers.”

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A World Away From Chicago-Life

Students be warned, Mackinac Island is a world away from life in Chicago. For instance, you won’t find speeding cars or chain restaurants – instead, you’ll encounter horse-drawn carriages, historic forts, and unbelievable views.

For some that might sound horrible, for others, it could be the break you need this summer.

During his interview, Andrew Doud said “Mackinac is a unique destination,” and that “the natural beauty of Mackinac, I think, is second to none.” Looking at the video below, we definitely agree.

What About Mackinac Island Accomodation?

Amazingly, these jobs not only pay a wage but provide housing. Making them a truly attractive proposition for anyone looking for a summer adventure – while earning.

In the interview, Doud also said “I can tell you that my resume was all Mackinac Island, and every job I went to, that’s all they wanted to talk about.”

A summer job on Mackinac Island really does sound like it has it all. These opportunities are likely gone quickly so apply now with this link. If you apply, good luck.

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