All Chicago Adults To Get COVID-19 Vaccinations By April 19

Covid-19 Vaccinations in Chicago
Credit: Humbledumpty / Wiki Commons

What Chicagoans need to know:

  • City Mayor says Chicago will meet President’s vaccination April 19 goal.
  • 20-percent of adults have already had both vaccinations in Chicago.
  • 16-year-olds can get vaccinated from April 12.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Press Conference

Chicago City Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced during a press conference that all adults will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations by April 19. A date that is more than two weeks ahead of the City’s original May 1st goal.

This announcement came after President Joe Biden said all states and major cities would be pushed to meet an April 19 deadline. Mayor Lightfoot’s conference was an acknowledgement of the challenge set by the President.

The Mayor stated in the conference: “We will meet that deadline.”

Lightfoot continued: “We need more vaccine from the federal government, but we’re optimistic — based upon conversations — that, that opportunity will happen.”

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Chicago COVID-19 Vaccination Stats

During the conference, head of the Chicago Department of Public Health, Dr. Allison Arwardly stated that 20-percent of Chicagoans over the age of 18 are fully vaccinated and that a further 40-percent have already had their first doses.

Arwardly also stressed the importance of following COVID-19 rules and restrictions, saying that: “It is still much safer to be outside,” before stating that the city’s plan to reopen is right from a scientific perspective.

In related news: Chicago updated its guidelines for travelers heading to the city – so visitors be warned. Plus, from Monday, April 12, people 16 and older will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations in Illinois.

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