Change is Here to Stay

We all have those innate instincts, those forces that push us to do things we don’t want to without even being aware it is happening. These forces impact our lives and all the decisions we make on a daily basis. I don’t believe that we should alter the way we were meant to be, but I do believe in tweaking our common behavioral instincts if it is to better us and bring about change.

This kind of change directly relates to eating habits and fitness. The hardest part about change is coming out of your comfort zone and resisting urges that have been repeated daily throughout an entire lifespan. The only way people truly change is by bringing forth action in one’s life. This action has to be broken down into small steps, or short-term goals. There also needs to be some kind of support system because to be independently motivated is sometimes challenging for someone with deep-rooted issues. It can become so much easier when a person is being pushed by a family member or friend.

The best thing about bringing about change related to fitness and diet is that the benefits are visible and will ultimately result in a better you. The hard part is that it requires an overall lifestyle change, and everyone to some extent fears change. Diet and fitness must be implemented together in order to truly see results and obtain goals. People think that going for a run and drinking a soda afterward is beneficial, or many times they have the mentality that doing something is better than nothing.

However, I am more interested in creating change out of conquering that mindset and creating one that focuses on being the best at whatever you do in life. Goals must be set and negative habits must be gradually eliminated to create a positive cycle of change. Motivation comes from within but support is key, this is where personal trainers, registered dietitians, families and friends etc. come into play.

Know you are not alone and know that once you take that first step, you have already begun to move in the right direction. The mind is a powerful tool and we must all use it to our advantage and fuel our own inner strength and motivate ourselves to change. This my friends is where the journey begins…

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