Best Valentine’s Day Movies for the Whole Family

Best Valentines Day Movies

One of the most romantic days of the year is quickly approaching. While February 14th is known to be about the love between you and your partner, why not make it a family affair. If your Valentine’s Day plans with your family won’t allow for a romantic dinner why not stay in, cuddle up with the kids and watch these family friendly Valentine’s Day movies.  

Best Valentine’s Day Movies for the little ones…

Beauty and the Beast

An arrogant prince is transformed into a beast, his servants into household objects and the only way to break the curse is to find true love.  Belle a beautiful village girl whom he imprisons start to build a friendship but will they fall in love before the last petal drops? Your family can watch the original 1991 animated tale or the 2017 live action retelling with Emma Watson.

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The tale of an Ogre whose once happy solitary existence is shattered by fairy tale characters banished from their kingdom invade his swamp. Set out to save his home Shrek finds relief when Lord Farquaad promises to give back his land if he rescues a princess. Follow Shrek and his new loudmouthed friend Donkey on their mission to bring back Princess Fiona.  As with all movies Princess Fiona is not exactly what she seems.


This story is no ordinary tale.  It begins with a daughter that wants to save her ailing father from being drafted into the Chinese Army. Mulan with no fighting experience takes her fathers armor and joins the ranks under Captain Li Shang. Find out if Mulan’s secret will be revealed, if she will be able to save China from the Hun’s all while falling in love with her Captain. Find Mulan on Amazon.

Best Valentine’s Day Movies for tweens…

Princess Bride

This romantic comedy is the story of love between Westley and Buttercup who are separated by unfortunate circumstance. After what Buttercup believes to be the death of Westley by Dread Pirate Roberts she agrees to marry Prince Humperdinck. Follow Westley and his new band of misfits on their trek to save true love. Find The Princess Bride on Amazon.

Ever After

This is the story of Danielle, a young girl living with her horrid stepmother and two stepsisters after her father dies.  Danielle is treated poorly and forced to be a servant to them all while they hope to catch the eye of Prince Henry. A chance encounter brings Danielle and Prince Henry together and a bond starts to form. In this adaptation of Cinderella we find out if love between classes will stand the test of time.

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