30 Best Tacos in NYC

Tacos, NYC
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Finding a great taco place can be challenging in New York City. There are so many great places to try out that we’ve put together a top-30 list of the best tacos in NYC, just to help you along:

30. Disco Tacos 

Disco Tacos is the place to eat if you want tacos with extra flair. The La Gringa taco is one of their many unique tacos with coffee-rubbed carnitas, chihuahua cheese, cilantro, and pickled corn on a flour tortilla. You’re in for a night to remember with live music, street dancing, and tacos. 

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29.  La Esquina 

La Esquina provides a lively dining experience with hip music, fresh cocktails, and exquisite tacos. The coliflor taco is a new addition to their taco family that is made with roasted cauliflower, homemade guacamole, and salsa macha with queso fresco. If you aren’t in the mood to make dinner, try some tacos from La Esquina. 

28. Nina’s Great Burrito Bar 

Best Tacos In NYC
Credit – Nina’s Great Burrito Bar

Nina’s is known for burritos, but they don’t sit back on their spectacular tacos. They add a Mexican flare to their tacos, including spicy potato and jalapeno tacos, crispy fried chicken tacos, and nacho nortenos topped with shredded beef burritos. You can’t forget the chipotle cheese dip. Nina’s Great Burrito Bar is a place to hit if you’re looking for added spice in your life. 

27. Tacombi 

Tacombi has 11 locations in NYC that connect people to the food and culture of Mexico. Their menu offers multiple options of tacos. You have the Baja crispy fish, seared fish, al pastor, black bean, sweet potato, carnitas, and more options. 

26. Jajaja Mexicana 

Jajaja Mexicana has four NYC locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They are plant-based tacos that provide you with the Mexican meal of your dreams. They serve brunch all day at every site, so you can get their street tacos; buffalo flower, mezcal mushroom, and sweet chipotle potato are favorites, so you will have to try them.

25. La Contenta

La Contenta puts a spin on traditional Mexican food with French accents. Enjoy their recommended pan-roasted shrimp enchiladas if you want a starter before you get to the tacos. You can go and enjoy their carne asada taco, topped with grilled hanger steak, guacamole, pico de gallo, and tomatillo salsa. 

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24. Aldama 

Best Tacos In NYC
Credit – Aldama

Aldama opened an outdoor patio with a view of the Williamsburg Bridge in 2021. Their taco selection is limited but try their taco de trompo, a delectable mix of pork belly, flank steak, and adobo with pineapple and serrano gel on a corn tortilla. 

23. Oxomoco 

From their light-drenched interior and green plants that are hanging from the ceilings, it feels like a different world. You can enjoy classic barbacoa and carnitas tacos, or Oxomoco offers unique taco creations like vegetarian beet and grilled maitake mushroom with epazote salsa. 

22. Chilo’s 

Chico’s is a permanent taco truck parked behind a Mexican-themed dive bar in BedStuy. The fish tacos are highly recommended and taste better when you have a frozen margarita alongside them. Vegetarians can enjoy avocado tostadas or tortas topped with black bean puree and lettuce.

21. Taco Mix 

Taco Mix started as a small taco cart in Harlem and has four different NYC locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. You can try one of their signature tacos, corn tortilla tacos with cilantro, onions, lime radishes, cucumber, and your choice of salsa on the side. 

20. Homemade Taqueria 

Best Tacos In NYC
Credit – Homemade Taqueria

Homemade Taqueria is a place to seek out when you are in NYC. Get the remarkable double corn tortillas topped with spit-grilled pork, cilantro, and raw onions. Enjoy their tacos that will have your mouth watering before they even put the plate down in front of you. 

19. Alta Calidad 

If you find yourself in the Park Slope area craving tacos, Alta Calidad is a place you should hit up. Their shrimp tempura tacos with cabbage and salsa are a popular must-have. They even have a brunch menu with breakfast burritos that will fill your cravings.

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18. Taco El Bronquito

Taco EL Bronquito is a Mexican-style home cooking place. You can expect the tacos cheap and be piled high with meat. Their Cecina and lamb options are unique and delicious one bite will have you buying more to take home with you. 

17. Yellow Rose 

Yellow Rose was something good that came out of 2020. They have some delicious tacos filled with bean and cheese, chorizo, and chicken Verde. Their number one hits are their breakfast tacos that bring Austin, Texas, to the Big Apple. 

16. Casa Enrique 

Best Tacos In NYC
Credit – Casa Enrique

Casa Enrique is an upscale Long Island City restaurant promising to receive some delicious tacos. Try their homemade corn tortilla, chorizo, bean, avocado, lettuce, and cream. It is a party in your mouth from the first bite. 

15. Los Tacos No. 1 

Los Tacos starts inside Chelsea Market and has expanded to Midtown, Tribeca, Noho, and Times Square. Their menu might be small, but it is mighty when they offer a handful of tacos and quesadillas. 

14. Birria-landia 

Birria-landia has a savory, tender, slow-cooked Mexican beef stew served with tortillas and broth. Their famous tacos are served at 5 p.m. and stay open until one in the morning. If you have a late-night craving, Birria-landia will help you fill that craving you have. 

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13. The Little Taco House 

You can have a very satisfying meal at The Little Taco House, where they serve you at the counter on West 4thstreet. Try their carnitas tacos are topped with guac, cilantro, onions, and salsa. If you want something to go, try their burrito platters. It will have you eating well for a few days. 

12. El Diablito Taqueria 

Best Tacos In NYC
Credit – El Diablito Taqueria

El Diablito Taqueria is the size of a studio apartment, but that doesn’t stop them from making delicious tacos in the East Village. The tortillas are fresh, the tacos are large, and the toppings are put to the top. Locals love the fried fish tacos that come with pickled cabbage, spicy mayo, and carnitas topped with guacamole. 

11. Taqueria Nixtamal 

If homemade corn tortillas don’t have you already loving Taqueria Nixtamal, then their al pastor tacos will. You purchase one of their three different taco kits to go now and make the tacos in the comfort of your home.

10. Atla 

Atla has a diverse menu offering everything from ceviche and flautas to whole-roasted fish, but their tacos are a favorite here. The suadero tacos on corn tortillas topped with guac, cilantro, and onions will melt in your mouth. 

9. Ricos Tacos

Ricos Tacos is a top contender in Sunset Park, where you can’t go wrong eating here. Pop on in for $3 tacos their al pastor must have. Not to mention they are open until 1 a.m. every single day. 

8. Tacoway Beach 

Best Tacos In NYC
Credit – Tacoway Beach

If you are at the beach and need something to fill you up after a long day, Tacoway Beach is the place to stop before heading home. Fill up on crispy Baja-style fish tacos and some fresh juice while sitting on the patio or indoors. 

7. Taqueria Diana 

Taqueria Diana has three locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn, nothing fancy but tasty tacos. Known for its San Francisco Mission-style Mexican food makes your stomach growl for more Their crane speaks for themselves. Stop by and try them. They will have you leave with food for later. 

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6. Taqueria Sinaloence

Taqueria Sinaloence is a tiny taco shop in the Bronx Marble Hill neighborhood. Locals will tell you this is the best place in town to get juicy birria tacos served with consome. You can also try their specialty smoothies that are made freshly. 

5. Empellon 

Empellon in Midtown is a must-try spot. Chow down on their pastrami tacos that will have you eating like you never had a taco before. You can even pick up their award-nominating taco cookbook to make the delicious flavors in your home for you and your family.

4. Café Habana 

Best Tacos In NYC
Credit – Cafe Habana

These chicken tacos at Café Habana are a must-try smothered in spices and cotija cheese. We suggest ordering an extra portion. You won’t regret it. You will thank us for it. If you are looking for extra fun Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at their Nolita location, you can get beers for $5 and cocktails for $7.50.

3. Tacos Morelos 

Taco Morelos has taco trucks around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Alphabet City locations. A favorite is their juicy pork marinated with chiles and pineapple tacos. It practically melts in your mouth. 

2. Amaranto 

Amaranto will have you obsessively thinking about their steak tacos with caramelized onions and Chile de Arbol sauce. It sounds so yummy and ready to be in your stomach. They are also known for their crab meat empanadas which are just as yummy as their tacos. 

1. Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos 

Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos motto is that a taco is only good as a tortilla. You can expect fresh corn tortillas that taste so good paired with steak, guac, lettuce, and your choice of salsa. 

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