Let’s be real, everyone could use some extra self-care. And since that looks a little different for everyone, we rounded up various options—from indulgent beauty buys to cozy loungewear and weighted blankets to subscription services—so that there’s something to meet the needs of everyone.

Scroll on for our specially-curated collection of self-care gifts that’ll put a smile on any woman’s face.

best self-care gifts for women

Equilibria Comfort of Calm Gift Set ($99; myeq.com)

CBD brands are a dime-a-dozen these days, but no one does it quite like Equilibria. They use hand-harvested, single-source, organic, non-GMO hemp oil to ensure you’re getting the best of the best (and even offer unique features like consults with specialists to help you determine personalized dosage for their oral supplements). This holiday set features some of their best topical offerings—a stress-busting bath soak, muscle-relieving cream, and new multi-purpose oil.

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best self-care gifts for women

Jambys ($35; jambys.com)

Consider these the coziest, softest, most glorious house shorts, ever. Inspired by the comfort of a pair of boxers, they have a similar cut and style—but are totally appropriate to wear out in public if needed. Available in 11 color combos, they’re also unisex.

best self-care gifts for women

WITHN Acupressure Mat Set ($78; wthn.com)

No acupuncturist nearby? No problem. This specially-designed mat and pillow combo offer all of the same benefits as an acupuncture session: reduced aches and pains, improved mood, better sleep, you name it. All you have to do is lay down. (And no, it doesn’t hurt at all.) 

best self-care gifts for women

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket ($599; higherdose.com)

No sauna nearby? Also no problem. A quick session tucked into this blanket increases your body temp and gets you sweating to burn calories, detox, and relieve aches and pains. The experience is somehow both relaxing and energizing, the ideal takeaway for any self-care moment.

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best self-care gifts for women

Goop “The Martini” Bath Soak ($40; goop.com)

This bath soak is touted as an emotional detox—and really, who couldn’t use that these days? A blend of Epsom and Himalayan salts helps calm and relax your body, while a carefully-chosen blend of essential oils and botanicals detox your mind. (All arguably better for your physical and mental well-being than an actual martini.)

best self-care gifts for her

The Citizenry Copper Palo Santo Set ($65; the-citizenry.com)

Give the gift of good vibes only. This chic copper set is handcrafted by artisans in India, totally functional yet beautiful enough to display as a piece of artwork. It comes with a bundle of sustainably-harvested palo santo sticks; burn them to help cleanse your space of negative energy.

best self-care gifts for women

Moen Aromatherapy Handshower ($125; bedbathandbeyond.com)

Showering can either be a basic hygiene practice or a totally spa-like experience—maybe it’s just us, but we think the latter sounds far more enjoyable. Swap your showerhead out for this one (don’t worry, no tools are needed for installation) and you’re good to go. It comes with aromatherapy capsules that diffuse delightful essential oil-based scents straight into the water spray, turning even a quickie shower into a moment of relaxation. The perfect gift for a busy mom, perhaps?

best self-care gifts for women

Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket ($259; sundaycitizen.co)

In our opinion, snuggling up with a weighted blanket is the ultimate form of self-care, but this one really ups the ante. Rather than being filled with the standard glass beads found in most weighted blankets, this one contains pieces of clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst to further help calm and soothe you, while drawing out negativity.

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best self-care gifts for women

Minna The Everyday Robe ($250; minna-goods.com) 

The perfect piece for at-home lounging, this midi-robe is made from supremely soft, handwoven cotton, with a tie closure and pockets (very important). It also comes in four colorways so you can look extra stylish while lounging comfortably. 

best self-care gifts for women

Lord Jones Sugarplum Hemp-Derived CBD Gummies ($50; lordjones.com)

These adult gummies contain 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD to ease stress and help promote a calm, focused mood. The beloved brand’s limited-edition holiday flavor is slightly sweet and fruity with a hint of ginger—no displeasing taste of hemp detectable. 

best self-care gifts for women

Bluemercury Exclusive Must-Have Set ($175; bluemercury.com)

Sometimes self-care means spending a little extra time on yourself, and this plentiful set makes it easy to do just that. It comes chock-full-of skincare, makeup, and haircare standouts, among other things, all housed in a cute and practical canvas cosmetic case.

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best self-care gifts for women

Edn Small Garden ($199; edntech.com)

It’s well-known that having plants in your living space is good for you—and this techy garden makes it easy to do exactly that, even for those lacking a green thumb. The WiFi garden syncs to an app that offers helpful advice on things such as watering, while automated LED lighting means this works even for tiny and dark apartments. It relies on soil-less seed pods, too (read: no mess). FYI, there are basil pods included, but other ones for assorted plants, flowers, and herbs are available separately as well. 

best self-care gifts for women

YogaToday ($119 for one year subscription; yogatoday.com)

There are plenty of online streaming services for all kinds of yoga classes, but we’re partial to this one for several reasons. The biggest reason being that most of their on-demand yoga, meditation, and pilates classes are filmed in national parks and gorgeous natural settings, bringing an added element of serenity to your practice. And to the point of self-care, there’s even a whole section of yoga classes dedicated towards focusing on mental health.

best self-care gifts for women

The Custom Journal (starting at $30; thecustomjournal.com)

Born out of founder Adam Graser’s own need to combat anxiety and stress during the pandemic, this is a journal unlike any other. It’s completely customizable, from the cover to the layout of the pages, where you can choose to add certain prompts. Think self-care-driven concepts such as “attitude of gratitude” and “today I say ‘no’ to,” which Graser worked with therapists to craft to ensure journaling becomes a truly therapeutic process.

best self-care gifts for women

The Loftie Clock ($165; byloftie.com)

Designed to help get you to get your phone out of your bedroom, this is so much more than a basic alarm clock. There are standard features, of course, such as a dimmable display and two-phase alarm, but it also has custom content that you can play right through the clock—breathwork, sound baths, meditations, playlists, and more. It’s one easy way to help ensure your bedroom is as calming and stress-free of a space as possible.