10 Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

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Trick-or-treating has become a huge part of children’s lives, and the best part is picking out your costume. Depending on where you live, weather appropriate costumes might be necessary so that your child is comfortable the entire time they are asking for candy.

If you are doing a community Halloween find out the location and any costume or item restrictions before you buy. The best way to find out what costume to get your child though is to ask them what they want to be.

Marvel is the biggest movie franchise in history. From Hulk to Spiderman, kids love dressing up as their favorite Superheroes, and these are some of the best Marvel costumes for Halloween.

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10. Marvel Avengers Play Trunk, $127

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

The Avengers costume is a four in one kit. Great for team costumes for a group of kids that want to have matching costumes with their friends. The costumes are light and come with gloves, masks, and tops. It works great for indoor Halloween events. 

The Play Trunk comes with the Hulk, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Captain America. It also comes with a badge and identification cards for each hero and Captain America’s Shield.

9. Thor, $40

10 Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

Asgard’s mightiest hero has come to save Halloween! Thor is not only in the Avengers series but has four movies of his own, most recently Thor: Love and Thunder. Take a stroll around the block with this jumpsuit and cape and watch out for any sneaky Loki’s that might try to steal your candy.

8. Thors Hammer, $17

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

If you are building a Captain America Costume or a Thor costume, you will want Thor’s hammer. Mjölnir is iconic and makes a great addition to any costume from the MCU, and if you need kids to behave you can always fill the hammer with lead and when they are being naughty ask if they are being worthy as they try to lift the hammer.

7. Hawkeye (as Ronin), $33

10 Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

After Infinity War Hawkeye drifted into the shadows, without his whole family to bring him back to the light. He turned into a vigilante who killed all sorts of dangerous men in an attempt to keep his sanity. Later he rejoins the Avengers in Endgame to get back at Thanos, but his past vigilante self is a great costume for Halloween.

Dress up in this black jumpsuit and scare your friends as your face is hidden behind a mask and hood.

6. Captain Marvel, $38

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

Captain Marvel is a great role model for girls. Even before she gained superpowers, she was a fighter pilot for the US Airforce. After she gained superpowers she fought Thanos, the Kree, and helped the Skrull find a new homeworld.

The Captain Marvel Costume comes with a full jumpsuit in the Endgame colors and a mask with mesh eye holes and a belt. It is a great costume for girls that don’t want to be princesses but want to be badass instead.

5. Ant Man, $50

10 Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

Dress up as another insect-inspired super hero — Ant Man! Ant Man is a con-turned-hero after he meets Hank Pym and learns about the advanced Pym Particles that can make objects very big, or very small. He appears in later Avengers movies as well as his own three films, most recently Ant Man: Quantumania.

Grab your helmet and shrink down to size to get all of the candy this Halloween.

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4. Captain America, $30

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

Captain America is one of the most notable Avengers heroes in the Marvel franchise, with his movie Captain America: The First Avenger revealing the backstory of a man from World War II. The costume itself a good jumpsuit and has an easy to see thru mask. For the best costume, grab a Captain America Shield and Thor’s Hammer, and let your child stand up to Thanos this Halloween.

3. Thanos, $40-50

10 Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

One of the biggest enemies to cross the Avengers path, and holding the ability to erase half of the universe’s population, Thanos is a character blinded by his own past trying to “save” the future of the worlds around him. If you like the villain or want to be against your friends, try out this golden suit from Avengers: Endgame.

2. Spiderman, $35

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

Spiderman has come back to the forefront as Tom Holland played him in three different movies, including the most recent Spiderman: No Way Home. Spiderman has been one of the most popular heroes since the 1970s Find the best Spiderman costume here complete with mask and full body suit to make sure you’re the best web-slinger out there.

1. Ms. Marvel, $30 Halloween

10 Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween

Though Ms. Marvel is a more recent super hero, she is a great role model for young girls all over. Her fun attitude even when she is being pursued by mysterious enemies, and trying to learn about her powers gives Ms. Marvel a spot on our list. Enjoy this blue and red costume replicating the original worn by Ms. Marvel as she becomes the next young super hero.

Finding the best costume for a child is difficult. Getting the right fit is essential to having a fun and safe Halloween.

I tend to do my shopping at Amazon is one of the best websites because they have almost everything and they allow returns for size fittings. Plus, if you are in certain areas, you can get same-day delivery on many outfits.

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