I don’t know what happened to Halloween. It used to be you send your children 8-16 out into the night from 7pm-Midnight and they return with a large bag full of candy and all your eggs and toilet paper are gone.

You should always help your child find a costume. Be apart of your children’s lives, especially when your children are going Trick or Treating alone. Weather appropriate clothing is a must. If you are doing the local community collective Halloween find out the location and any costume or item restrictions before you buy. But the best way to find out what costume to get your child is to ask them what they want to be.

Marvel is the biggest movie franchise in history. The release of Endgame, Spiderman Far from Home and Into the Spiderverse this year; kids are going to want to dress up as their favorite Superheros

Marvel Avengers Play Trunk

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween 1

The Avengers costume is a four in one kit. Great for team costumes for a group of kids that want to have matching costumes with their friends. The costumes are light and come with gloves, masks, and tops. It works great for indoor Halloween events. 

The Play Trunk comes with the Hulk, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Captain America. It also comes with a badge and identification cards for each hero. And Captain America’s Shield.

Thors Hammer

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween 2

If you are building a Captain America Costume or a Thor costume, you will want the hammer. Mjölnir is iconic and makes a great addition to any costume from the MCU and if you need kids to behave you can always fill the hammer with lead and when they are being naughty ask if they are being worthy.

Captain Marvel

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween 3

Captain Marvel is a great role model for girls. Even before she gained superpowers, she was a fighter pilot for the US Airforce. After she gained superpowers she fought Thanos, the Kree and helped the Skrull find a new homeworld.

The Captain Marvel Costume comes with a full jumpsuit in the Endgame colors and a mask with mesh eye holes and a belt. It is a great costume for girls that don’t want to be princesses but want to be badass instead.

Ms. Marvel

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween 4

You probably haven’t heard all that much about Ms. Marvel just yet, unless you keep up with the comic books. Ms. Marvel seems to be one of the most popular new characters. She can shape-shift, Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) is her mentor.

Soon, She will have a TV show on Disney+ so be a trend setter this Halloween.

Captain America

Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween 5

Here is the best Captain America Costume we could find. It’s a good jumpsuit and an easy to see thru mask. For the best costume, grab a Captain America Shield and Thor’s Hammer, and let your child stand up to Thanos this Halloween.


Best Marvel Costumes for Halloween 6

Spiderman had two of the best movies this year and a great part in Endgame. Spiderman has been one of the most popular heroes since the 1970s Finding the best Spiderman costume is difficult.

Finding the best costume for a child is difficult. Getting the right fit is essential to having a fun and safe Halloween. I tend to do my shopping at Amazon is one of the best websites because they have almost everything and they allow returns for size fittings so you can order one ahead of time and make sure it fits, but, if your children are anything like mine they won’t want to take them off.