Best Home Gym Equipment on a Budget

Best Home Gym Equipment on a Budget

5 Best inexpensive home exercise equipment   

If the thought of having a home gym sounds overwhelming and expensive, think again.  There are plenty of low-cost and ridiculously cheap ways to stay in shape without having to join a gym.  When on a budget, there are ways to work out without spending a ton of money, eliminating paying expensive gym fees, hiring a personal trainer, or purchasing expensive home exercise equipment.  By forming your own home gym with inexpensive yet effective items enhancing fitness, you can still keep in shape with extra money in your pocket. Plus, the advantages of working out at home are plenty – you work out when you want to, you don’t have to drive to get there, and for those who feel intimidated or inferior being in a group exercise class or exercising in public, you have the privacy of your home to do so.

The important thing when setting up a home gym is knowing what you want to work on.  All of us should do the basics of regular strength training to slow down and increase muscle mass as we age. Beyond building and maintaining muscle mass, staying fit should also encompass addressing achieving flexibility, increasing aerobic capacity, and reducing the risk of falls. 

Five low-cost and economical exercise items for a home gym

Great exercise equipment values are out there if you know what to look for. The following five items take up minimal space, require little to no assembly, and are perfect for anyone on a budget and wants to stay in shape.

Elastic resistance bands

These lightweight bands come in various thicknesses for lesser or greater resistance and can be just as effective as most gym machines for improving strength, according to a study published in the March 2018 Journal of Sports Science & Medicine. They can be easily thrown in a suitcase when on a trip away from home.

Jump rope

best home gym equipment

The ultimate piece of workout equipment may be a childhood favorite, the jump rope. Jump ropes are inexpensive, small and portable, offering a doable workout that can be easy or extremely challenging, depending on your fitness level and goals.

Five to 10-pound dumbbells

best home gym equipment

You may believe it takes heavy weights to see and feel results.  Not true.  Light weights can be added to your body weight to offer greater resistance. Beginning with lighter weights can also reduce your risk of injury while you build up your strength and endurance.  Dumbbells are relatively inexpensive and provide an amazing variety of resistance training routines. For a good dumbbell workouts, check out Popsugar, Bowflex, or Fitness Blender on Youtube.

Stability ball

Stability balls are used to perform various kinds of core exercises. You must use your core muscles to keep the ball from moving and prevent yourself from sliding off.  The stability ball can also be used along with bands and dumbbells in exercises to provide an extra core workout. Stability balls come in different sizes depending on a person’s height, so ask for advice at a sports store when buying one.

Fitness videos and a yoga mat

Best Home Gym Equipment on a Budget

These two pieces of equipment are combined as they often go together. Bring your own personal trainer into your home with this fairly low investment. Choose a workout video that is safe, balanced, and interesting enough to keep your attention and from getting bored. Many libraries also carry exercise DVDs you can check out for free.

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