5 Best Healing Crystals for Depression

Best Healing Crystals for Depression
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Everyone has their off days. There may have been an event that brought you down, or perhaps the negative energy just materialized out of thin air.

When one of these depressing phases sets in, you probably have some pick-me-ups in your back pocket. You might go for a good run, eat a favorite food, or visit friends. You may even use healing crystals for depression.

More and more individuals are believing in the ability of crystals to improve their emotions. Many believe crystals can raise our vibration, which is helpful when we are experiencing negative emotions such as sadness or depression.

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Crystals and stones can be beneficial in dealing with the symptoms of depression, but only a small percentage of people are aware of this fact. Here are 5 best healing crystals for depression:

1. Tigers Eye

This crystal is the best healing crystal for those suffering from depression. Carrying a Tiger’s Eye with you can be a helpful method to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and despair. It does this by activating a part of your brain called the prefrontal cortex, which plays a role in mood regulation. Tiger’s eye stones, like other sorts of crystals for all kinds of feelings, can benefit both the spiritual and therapeutic realms.

2. Carnelian

Carnelian is one of those kindred stones that offers a tremendous dose of vitality exactly when you need it the most, and its vibrant colors of red and orange make it stand out from other kinds of stones.

Carnelian is sometimes referred to as the “stone of perseverance,” and those who have experienced what is known as “the black hound” understand that having the strength to persevere through challenging times is necessary.

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Carnelian can amp up the sentiments of promise and desire that you experience. It has an assertive warmth that spreads from head to toe and calms anxious thoughts. Investigate further into the meaning of the word “carnelian.”

3. Blue Lace Agate

When it comes to overcoming restless nights, the Blue Lace Agate is a stone that functions exceptionally well. Because it helps keep your mood stable, it is considered one of the most beneficial beloved stones for depression.

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It is also known as a relaxing stone, and having one nearby during anxious or depressive spells might be beneficial. The healing characteristics of blue lace agate can assist you in maintaining a healthy emotional balance and provide emotional support. Keeping your thoughts at ease in this way can help you get through the day.

4. Citrine

This magnificent gem is recognized throughout the world as the one that brings the most happiness, and therefore one of the best healing crystals for depression. The golden-colored crystal makes one think of a ray of sunlight, and having it on or near you will make you feel as if you are that ray of sunshine.

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Because it is a crystal with a high level of energy, it is an ideal choice for times when you are feeling down and sluggish. Your body and mind are flooded with the positive energy it emits, which leaves you with a sense of optimism, love, and compassion. It unlocks your greatest potential, which you should strive for.

5. Sunstone

Some forms of depression are seasonal, which means that they are triggered by changes in seasons and weather. This can be particularly problematic for people who already struggle with depression. People who live in areas with extreme weather patterns (hot summers, below-freezing winters) have a higher risk of developing this type of depression.

Sunstone is a type of crystal that has been suggested repeatedly as helpful for people who suffer from seasonal depression. Even when it is completely dark, these crystals continue to emit the light that they have been given by the sun because they have been charged by it.

Sunstone has an indisputably calming impact on the user, bringing them back into their present each time there is the urge to spiral out of control. This stone has a high vibrational frequency and is one of the best healing crystals for depression.

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