The Best Face Washes in 2022

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Choosing a face wash for your daily routine can be incredibly frustrating because every product and ingredient has a slightly different purpose. We did the research for you though to narrow down your options for the best face washes in 2022. 

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Before sifting through our list, figure out exactly what your skin needs. Whether it’s to moisturize, reduce dryness, or eradicate acne, there are specific face washes that target certain needs.

Try out the best face washes in 2022:

Best Face Washes

The Best Exfoliating Scrub Face Wash

clean&clear oil-free deep action exfoliating facial scrub

If you have concerns about exfoliants being too rough on your skin — cough, cough Kylie Jenner’s walnut face scrub — fear not. This face wash is gentle enough for everyday use, but powerful enough to penetrate your pores for that deep-clean feeling. The oil-free formula is designed to remove dirt and oil while invigorating skin, leaving you feeling fresh and clean without drying you out.

As you lather the exfoliating scrub into your skin, you’ll notice light exfoliation and a tingly, cooling sensation. If we had to describe this wash in one word, it would be “refreshing,” making it a great choice for your morning wake-up routine. 

Best Face Washes

The Best Cooling Face Wash

neutrogena deep clean invigorating foaming facial scrub

If you’ve ever used a cooling face wash, you know how much cleaner and fresher your skin feels — there’s something so satisfying about that rejuvenated feeling. With this cleanser, you can have that feeling every day. 

The light gel formula gently exfoliates your skin. It’s meant to be used daily for a deep clean and a fresh, energized look and feel. So add it to your morning routine to put an extra pep in your step as you walk out the door!

Best Face Washes

The Best Face Wash with Sunscreen

aveeno absolutely ageless nourishing daily facial cleanser

This face wash promises to remove 99% of skin-aging impurities, including dirt, oil, and makeup. The unique formula contains blackberry extract, which is rich in antioxidants and helps to rejuvenate skin and protect its natural moisture barrier. It also contains broad-spectrum sunscreen, which will shield your skin from sun damage. 

This face wash is clinically proven to help reduce the visible effects of collagen and elastin-depleted skin. If you need a gentle, everyday cleanser to add to your skincare routine, this hydrating cleanser can do just that. 

Best Face Washes

The Best AM/PM Face Wash Combination

Clean&clear 2-pack day and night cleanser

This dynamic duo is a favorite of those prone to oily skin. The morning cleanser contains bursting beads, vitamin C, and ginseng. Think of it as a cup of coffee for your pores, sure to leave you looking brighter and more awake after use. 

On the flip side, the night relaxing wash is made with sea kelp extract and minerals to wash away the day’s impurities, from makeup to dirt to oil. Both cleansers are hypoallergenic and oil-free. 

Best Face Washes

The Best Face Wash for Acne-Prone Skin

acne face wash with benzoyl peroxide

If your skin is both acne-prone and sensitive, it can feel impossible to find the right face wash. Acne-fighting formulas are too harsh, while soothing formulas are ineffective. This cleanser from Differin is designed to tackle acne without causing irritation or dryness. 

The acne-fighting ingredient in this formula is benzoyl peroxide. In larger quantities (10%), this ingredient can be very harsh on the skin. However, this cleanser is just as effective using half that amount. It’ll strike a balance between acne control and moisturization. 

Best Face Washes

The Best Face Wash for Sensitive Skin

La roche-posay toleriane hydrating cleanser

If you have sensitive skin, finding a cleanser that your pores won’t object to can be an uphill battle. But this cleanser is free of many of the known offenders, such as parabens, fragrances, soaps, and sulfates. 

If your skin is prone to dryness, you want to find that happy medium between cleansing and conserving moisture. Often, a non-foaming, unscented, creamy formula like this one is going to be your best bet.

The formula also contains glycerin, a moisturizing agent that naturally attracts water to the skin. This cleanser is gentle enough to use both morning and night, so you don’t have to choose between retaining moisture and removing dirt. 

The Best Face Washes in 2022

The Best Gentle Foaming Face Wash

daily facial cleanser by cetaphil

Gentle cleansers are great for any skin type, but some people just don’t like the feeling of a creamy, non-foaming wash. Sometimes, it can be tough to feel clean without the intense lathering action. Luckily, you can have both a gentle formula and a foamy consistency with this Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. 

It’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores, yet it’s still moisturizing enough to prevent dryness. It’s gentle to use twice a day and can be effective for normal, dry, oily, or sensitive skin. 

Best Face Washes

The Best Overall Face Wash

cerave hydrating facial cleanser

One brand you’ll see over and over again in the skincare world is CeraVe — and for good reason too. The products are developed by dermatologists, so whether your skin is dry, oily, or sensitive, CeraVe is safe to use. You’ll notice it’s a bit expensive compared to other drugstore brands, but remember, you’re paying for quality.

This non-foaming AM or PM cleanser has a lotion-like consistency. It contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to help cleanse your skin of makeup, dirt, and oil without stripping it of moisture. It’s also formulated with three essential ceramides that restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier. This face wash is gentle, hydrating, and cleansing all in one. 

Best Face Washes

The Best Anti-Aging Face Wash

insta natural vitamin c cleanser

Wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, and breakouts are as unavoidable as aging for most people. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to reduce the emergence of these unwanted nuisances.

This wash is designed to be used twice a day, both in the morning and at night, to increase your skin’s clarity and tone. It’s also formulated with safe ingredients you can feel good about, such as aloe vera, coconut water, and green tea. 

You’ll likely see increased radiance after just a few uses, but advanced results take six to eight weeks of regular use. If you’re wondering if this face wash truly works, take a look at the 15,000+ Amazon reviews and its 4.5-star rating. 

Best Face Washes

The Best Enzyme Face Wash

eltamd foaming facial cleanser

This cleanser from Elta MD is the most expensive product on our list, but it has perks that stand out from the competition. Rather than using abrasive exfoliants, like microbeads, this face wash contains enzymes and amino acids that work together to loosen and lift makeup, oil, and dirt off your face. Plus, it’s gentle enough for all skin types and everyday use.

Aside from a silky smooth cleanse, this face wash provides other benefits, including a 48% reduction in skin damage caused by pollution. EltaMD attributes this to its proprietary, self-foaming technology. 

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