Eyebrows are an extremely important feature of the face. A full, defined set of brows can enhance certain facial features like your eyes and cheekbones for a more youthful appearance. But many of us are left with thin brows after years of over-plucking or naturally have a lot of sparse spots.

Also, some of us need a little extra oomph because our arches are so light, it almost looks like we don’t have any at all. This is where a good eyebrow pencil comes in handy.

Filling in brows with a pencil is perhaps the easiest (and quickest!) way to get fuller-looking brows. And the best part? You don’t even have to pay a lot of money for one, as the local drugstore has plenty of great options.

Whether you are looking for something thin and precise or something thicker and creamier to cover more surface space, below you will find some of the best drugstore eyebrow pencils.

The Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils

drugstore eyebrow pencil

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Pencil ($9; ulta.com)

The micro-fine tip helps mimic those tiny eyebrow hairs, making this a great option for filling in sparse spots. It’s super easy to work with and glides on very smoothly, too.

drugstore eyebrow pencils

NYX Professional Micro Brow Pencil ($10; ulta.com)

Another micro-fine tip, this pencil comes in eight shades and is perfect for drawing precise little hairs on areas that are lacking. Not only that, but it’s waterproof and will not budge throughout the day.

drugstore eyebrow pencil

Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel ($9; walmart.com)

This 2-in-1 product is great for people with light eyebrows. On one side is a traditional pencil used to fill in brows; on the flip side, a tinted gel that adds depth and staying power. The only downside is that the pencil is pretty short and tends to run out quickly.

drugstore eyebrow pencils

COVERGIRL Brow and Eye Markers ($5; walmart.com)

This product comes with not just one, but two traditional brow pencils. They are softly pigmented in five shades and glide on smoothly to give you a natural look. Bonus: Not only can it be used for brows, but it can also be used as an eyeliner.

drugstore eyebrow pencils

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil ($9 for 2-pack; amazon.com)

This softly pigmented pencil is super versatile. You can use it to subtly fill in gaps or press down a little harder to stencil in brows or lengthen your arch. Whatever your needs, reviewers say it lasts all day long.

drugstore eyebrow pencils

Almay Brow Defining Pencil ($9; target.com)

Super creamy with a twist-up applicator, this pencil is easy to apply and blend seamlessly using the spoolie brush for a natural-looking result.

drugstore eyebrow pencils

Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil ($15; walmart.com)

If you are a fan of Anastacia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz but don’t want to fork out all that cash, then this is the product for you. It draws on thin, hair-like strokes and blends easily with your natural brows. Plus, it’s water- and smudge-proof for longer wear.

drugstore eyebrow pencils

E.l.f. Cosmetics Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil ($3; ulta.com)

Although it’s the cheapest product on the list, this mechanical pencil stands up to the pricier options. Whatever brow look you’re going for, the creamy color applies smoothly and blends beautifully.

drugstore eyebrow pencils

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil ($10; amazon.com)

This product is the perfect dupe for the Anastasias Brow Definer. Not only does it go on smoothly, but the slightly thicker tip and buildable color allows you to create fuller, bolder brow looks with ease.

drugstore eyebrow pencils

Maybelline New York Brow Precise Micro Pencil ($9; amazon.com)

There’s a lot to love about this drugstore eyebrow pencil, from the ultra-fine tip to the silky formula to the slightly rougher spoolie brush that blends color beautifully with brows.