The Best Body Lotions in 2022

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When it comes to body lotions, there are endless options to choose from, and we get it — it can be quite overwhelming to find the best body lotion for you. Whether you’re looking for the best treatment for dry skin, sensitive skin, or even the best-smelling lotion, this list has a product for everyone and will leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed. 

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If your skin is dry and itchy, or if you’re simply looking to maintain your skin’s softness, then you’ve hit the jackpot because we’ve done all the research to find the best body lotions in 2022.

Here are our picks for the best body lotions in 2022:

Best Body Lotions

The Best Firming Lotion

nivea nourishing skin firming lotion with q10 and vitamin c

Tested by dermatologists, Nivea skin-firming body lotion helps restore your skin’s elasticity in less than two weeks (twice a day!). Enriched with CoQ10 and vitamin C, this lotion is perfect for anyone looking to add a little strength back into their skin. 

Nivea is designed to smoothen and soften your skin while giving it a visibly toned and tightened look. A fantastic body lotion to add to both your morning and nightly routines!

Best Body Lotions

The Best Scented Body Lotion

love beauty & planet body lotion delicious glow

This body lotion is fused with a scent that’s hand-crafted from Bulgarian rose petals with Amazonian murumuru butter. Formulated with plant-based moisturizers, this body lotion is entirely vegan and cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, dye-free, and made phthalate-free. 

Who wouldn’t want to smell like a rose? Plus, this lotion will make your skin feel softer and give it a vibrant glow. 

Best Body Lotions

The Best Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin


This body lotion is formulated with Triple Oat Complex containing oat flour, oat oil and extract, natural shea butter, and a dimethicone skin protectant to soothe and restore skin moisture. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, this lotion is fast absorbing and helps nourish extra dry, itchy skin for long-lasting relief.

Fragrance-free and steroid-free, Aveeno lotion is clinically proven to provide hydration and moisture that lasts throughout the day.

Best Body Lotions

The Best Restorative Body Lotion

aveeno restorative skin therapy moisturizing oat repairing cream for sensitive, distressed skin

Aveeno restorative skin therapy cream is specially made for sensitive, damaged, and dry skin. The restorative formula contains pro-vitamin B5, aloe, and a high prebiotic oat concentration (a powerful antioxidant that heals dry skin). It’s also paraben-free, fragrance-free, and steroid-free, and has been clinically proven to be highly effective on oncology patients with dry skin from chemotherapy.

Use Aveeno to restore your skin to its freshest and most nourished glow. It’s excellent for all-day comfort and leaves your skin looking and feeling much healthier.

Best Body Lotions

The Best Natural Body Lotion

hempz body lotion: exotic green tea and Asian Pear

This lavish lotion is scented with green tea and pears, leaving an enticing aroma on your skin. The smell is light and fresh and the formula doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

With 100% hemp seed oil as one of the main ingredients, your skin will look and feel rejuvenated, balanced, and flake-free. The extract blend is also infused with açaí and goji berries. This formula is entirely vegan and natural without any parabens, gluten, or THC. 

Best Body Lotions

The Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin

cetaphil moisturizing lotion

Cetaphil is a well-known and trusted brand suitable for all skin types. It has a lightweight, non-greasy feel, preventing dryness and keeping your skin smooth and hydrated all day long. 

This formula is unique because it’s enriched with six moisturizing ingredients, in addition to vitamins E and B5 to restore the skin barrier in just a single week.

Best Body Lotions

The Best Body Lotion for Oily Skin

olay quench body lotion ultra moisture with shea butter and vitamins e and b3

Olay Quench Body lotion is your best bet for oily skin, but it’s also suitable for those with dry skin. The non-greasy, lightweight formula enriched with vitamins E and B3 continues to moisturize your skin throughout the day, providing you with an immediate burst of moisture.

After the first use, you’ll already see a healthier glow to your skin. And with continual use, your skin will feel noticeably softer and will be able to maintain the moisture for longer periods. 

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