5 Amazing Reasons To Have Shower Plants

5 Amazing Reasons To Have Shower Plants

When you bring home a new houseplant, it’s only natural to want to display it somewhere central like your living room or bedroom. However, you may change your thinking after being introduced to the latest trend taking over the indoor gardening world: shower plants.

According to Pinterest’s Home Work Report, searches for shower plants have increased by over three hundred percent this past year. “These plants thrive in high humidity, allowing them to grow well in the shower or bathroom,” says Eileen Tongson of FarmGal Flowers about why they’re having a moment. “People often don’t think of the bathroom as a place to put their plants, but they’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well they do in there.” Aside from helping transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary, here are some benefits of owning a shower plant.

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1. They are beneficial to your health

Not only are shower plants great for improving air quality, but they also help absorb excess moisture and fend off any bacteria lingering in your bathroom. Plus, they can boost your mood in the morning. “Studies show that plants reduce stress and anxiety while increasing energy,” says Tongson, adding that greenery is a great non-caffeinated alternative to help jumpstart your day.

2. There are so many varieties to choose from

Since your bathroom’s moisture and humidity level mirrors a beach vacation, think tropical in terms of plants. While choosing a shower plant comes down to personal preference, some of the most popular types include flowering plants, air plants, and ferns.

If you are looking to add a touch of color, orchids thrive in the bathroom. “Phalaenopsis does best,” says Tongson about what variety to choose. (Phalaenopsis is the technical name for the moth orchid). Another good option is the Mother In Law’s Tongue, a long leafy plant with a yellow border along the leaves (bonus: it’s been shown to help filter chemicals out the air).

For hanging pots, opt for a spider plant as its cascading leaves make it perfect for above. Plus, it helps remove odors and fumes from the air. Or, you may want to consider Tillandsia, a kind of air plant that doesn’t require soil and can be placed anywhere. Ferns are another good option, because the versatile moisture-lovers look equally as chic on your windowsill as they do in a basket.

For a statement-making shower display, think bamboo. With shoots that often come braided or woven in interesting ways, this leafy species dresses up countertops, requires minimal work, and is said to bring peace. You can easily grow the exotic plant a few feet tall, blocking you neighbors view.

3. Most shower plants don’t need a lot of light

A huge perk is that many shower plants don’t require a lot of sun to survive. In general, they’ll flourish on a windowsill or in that dim corner next to your shampoo and conditioner. To be safe, always double-check the needs of the specific type of plant you want to bring home before buying.

4. They are easy to take care of

Even if you’re new to the houseplant game, it’s relatively hard to kill a shower plant. “The amount of water your plant will need depends on the temperature and how much sunlight your bathroom receives,” says Tongson. “But in general, when your plant’s soil feels dry, water until it runs out in the saucer below.” This is typically once a week.

She also recommends adding a liquid houseplant fertilizer to your watering can once a month to encourage green leaves and flowers. Do keep in mind that some plants may need slightly different care, including the Tillandsia (this species needs to be submerged in water once a week for fifteen to twenty minutes), so always inquire if you’re unsure.

5. You can get creative in displaying them

Cue the Pinterest spree. From hanging baskets to installations inside your shower to unique terrariums, there are endless ways to show off your shower plants. It boils down to your space and personal taste. The number one thing to keep in mind is that adding greenery to your bathroom should trigger calm, spa-like vibes. Choose décor that helps transform your shower into a tropical oasis—trust us, it makes getting up early for work a little more enjoyable.

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