Bed Bath & Beyond Is Going Out of Business: Check Out Their Sales

Bed Bath & Beyond Going Out of Business: Check Out Their Sales
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It’s sad to say that Bed Bath & Beyond is going out of business. They started their business in 1971 and have been known to hold everything from houseware to decorative and specialty items. 

Since the news broke, we know that the remaining 360 stores will remain open and continue to serve customers as the company starts to wind down their operations. Final sales began on April 26th, so if you purchase something in store after reading this, you will not be able to return it. You can redeem welcome reward points until May 15th, but many stores have stopped accepting coupons. If you have a gift card, you can use it till May 8th

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Bed Bath & Beyond Sales

Bed Bath & Beyond Is Going Out of Business: Check Out Their Sales
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While they continue the bankruptcy process, everyone who works for the company will continue to be paid and have benefits. We recommend shopping at your local store because in-store sales are currently better than what we see online.

When it comes to sales, they have already started, so right now, all items are 10% off or more. Some items are marked down as much as 30%. However, considering “everything must go,” this isn’t that much of a mark down. We suggest waiting a week or two before checking out the sales because they should increase the mark down with time. However, it’s worth noting that some items may start to get low on stock or sell out in the meantime. Double check their website and local store tracker for inventory or try calling to put specific items on hold.

As things progress in the coming weeks, they will start bumping up the sale and things will go fast. Here are some items already on sale, and if you need any of these items, we suggest hurrying to the store sooner rather than later.

These are just a few things to look for when shopping online or at the store, but clearly, accessories and bedding are already started to lower in price. As the website states, now that Bed Bath & Beyond is going out of business, all of their merchandise must go, so you can truly expect to see everything go on sale eventually. It will be important to stay on top of it in order to get the most of your shopping. Everything will change daily.

Everything We Know

Bed Bath & Beyond is going out of business
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We have talked with some store employees, specifically at the New York City and New Jersey store locations, and they expect the stores close down permanently at the end of June. Once things in the store start to go, each store will update us on their exact closing date. As they get closer to closing the stores, you will see a more significant percentage of sales.

The real question is, what does this mean for your household now that Bed, Bath, and Beyond is going out of business? Well, it means you must get your household items online or find a new store that might hold a few things you used to find at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We know a lot of people will start to look on Amazon, especially for kitchen supplies, sheets, comforters, towels, etc. This will continue to push us in the direction of online shopping with lots of ease and convenience.

For those who loved in-person shopping, it’s definitely a disappointment, but all we can do now is support Bed Bath & Beyond and pick up our desired items before it is too late.

Bed Bath & Beyond Is Going Out of Business: Check Out Their Sales

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