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Top Amitabh Bachchan Movies
April 25, 2022
Enjoy these Amitabh Bachchan Bollywood movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video today. Stream them right now and watch this
Shah Rukh Khan Movies
April 25, 2022
Also known as SRK and Shahrukh Khan. This actor is one of the most famous in Bollywood ever: Here’s a
How to discover true community, true friendship by being Unfriended
October 1, 2018
Mr. Rogers asked a question at the beginning of his iconic children’s television program, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” It’s
What's new on NETFLIX in October 2018
October 1, 2018
Halloween is aroud the corner and Netflix is offering lots of horror movies during October.  Mike Flanagan’s TV series adaptation
What’s new on Netflix in September 2018?
August 31, 2018
Summer is over, get ready for lots of scary movies for Halloween and much more On Netflix. Here is a
What New on HBO in August 2018
July 30, 2018
Here is a list of new movies coming this August on HBO. August 1 17 Again Aranyelet (aka Golden Life),
What's new on Netflix in August 2018?
July 25, 2018
July is already ending and the question in everyone’s mind is: What’s new on Netflix this August. Well get ready,