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best doog breeds
September 5, 2023
From labradoodles to bulldogs and pugs, this list of the best dog breeds for kids and families will help you narrow down which dog is right for you.
best smartphones
June 22, 2023
This list includes the 15 best smartphones on the market for students based on things like battery life, special features, and functionality.
Vermont family vacation
June 9, 2023
A Vermont family vacation can take place in all four seasons thanks to local inns, lakes, and ski mountains along with other fun daily activities.
Best baby books to add to your shelves in 2023
April 6, 2023
When bedtime comes around, try reading a book from our list of the 10 best baby books. It will help your baby learn and strengthen your bond.
staying active
November 8, 2022
It’s easy to stay active while binge watching sports on TV. Just time key moments in the action to quick exercises. It’s simple and easy to do.
prevent getting sick
April 29, 2022
Here are some tips and tricks on how to prevent getting sick. Everyone’s body is different, but generally speaking, these ideas will help you fight off…
April 4, 2022
This guide provides decriptions of and distinctions between five types of yoga for beginners so you can find the perfect yoga practice.
November 7, 2021
Probiotics are live microorganisms, or bacteria, that do not cause infections in humans. This type of bacteria is naturally in our bodies and foods…
best electric toothbrush
October 8, 2020
Everything you need to know about brands, styles, and prices so you can find the best electric toothbrush for your family without breaking the bank.
Why Bare Minerals Is the Makeup Brand For Your Teenager
September 21, 2020
Bare Minerals makeup is not used a lot by teens, but it should be based on its unique formula that can prevent breakouts while also concealing acne.
apple cider vinegar
June 8, 2020
This long-lasting reputation is actually backed by science.
College Admissions: How It's Changing
August 1, 2019
After recent national cheating scandals, Making Caring Common reports on the need to lessen the pressure of college admissions in parents and high schools.
May 11, 2019
The latest news in the medical field looks to CBD oil. It is showing up in candy and on the news because its creation could lead to alternative healing.
Indoor Spin Classes
March 29, 2019
A detailed guide of what to expect in spin classes depending on the studio so that you can pick the class best suited for your exercise needs.
Accademia Bridge in Venice, Italy
November 11, 2018
Venice is full of tourist traps, but with a local’s advice, you can avoid them and discover the true beauty of this unique Italian city.
Outdoor travel
This guide offers 5 must-haves in terms of gear that can help you pack, prepare, and protect your family during outdoor travel.
Apple GiveBack program recycles products
July 19, 2018
Apple GiveBack provides a financial reward as well as a moral motivation for your family to recycle your old Apple products.
Using activated charcoal
July 12, 2018
People are using activated charcoal for several health benefits based on its past use in overdosing patients. But the question is, does it really work?