A Simple Resolution: Drink More Wine!


It’s that time of year again.  Everyone makes these big resolutions and I often worry that we then set ourselves up for failure and disappointment because we create these unobtainable goals in our head.

So here at Wine on the Street we are going to keep it simple.

Your wine resolution for 2016 is:

Drink More.

That’s it.  But I’m not talking about drinking more of the stuff you already know and love.  I’m talking about getting out of the box and exploring the wine world.  Vow to drink wines from different countries and regions.  Promise to try varietals you don’t usually pick.

And when you are out at a restaurant, tell your sommelier to you want to try something new.  We recently did a podcast on how to talk to your sommelier.

Same goes for your wine shop owners.  Let them know what you are buying the wine for…Long day? Rib roast? Gift for your ex-boyfriend?  That will help point them in the right direction and then insist that you want to buy a bottle you never had before. Don’t even walk down your favorite aisles.

Speaking of wine shops, I went to one of my favorites recently, Gary’s Wine & Marketplace in Wayne, NJ, and we talked about just that.


My friends Gary Fisch and Scott Sullivan were there and both had similar resolutions.

Scott thinks we should all drink more bubbly — with everything — so he poured us the Livio Sassetti Pertimali Prosecco, ton of fruit on the nose (i got peaches and pears) but very dry, easy to drink.

But Gary is with me on the wine exploration front.  We are going to force ourselves to learn and try new wines.

So join us as we do a better job of exploring the wine world in 2016.

Happy Healthy New Year to all of you — especially those that have supported my new venture this year!!! Here’s to another year of great wines, great stories and great friends!

Cent’ Anni!

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