A Health Nut Guide: New York City

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While Los Angeles has historically held the title of health guru paradise, an unexpected coastal shift has occurred. Now as you walk through the concrete jungle that is New York City, it’s impossible not to notice the abundance of Lululemon apparel, Barry Boot-campers, and tasty pressed juice shops. Face it, New York City is stepping up and getting their sweat on. Watch out LA because we are about to reveal the city that never sleeps, latest and greatest health and fitness stops. 

Shape House

The first place on the NYC health-nut list is actually originally from LA, but when an idea is this good New Yorkers can swallow their pride and participate. Self described as an “Urban Sweat lodge”, some of its benefits include weight loss, stress relief, better sleep, and clearer skin. A session is 55 minutes long and begins with a staff member who will velcro you into a steamy “sleeping bag”. While you sweat, you can enjoy streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

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Pressed Juicery

Of all the Juice spots in NYC, national chain, Pressed Juicery has become a healthy fan favorite. A company not only known for their delicious and nutritious juice, but also their ice cream alternatives, juice freezes. Prepared like a soft serve the freeze is plant based. They offer toppings like health nut favorites like granola butter, cacao drizzle, and fresh fruit. Customers love the rotating flavors and toppings to curb their ice cream cravings. 

healthy freeze with toppings

Yoga to the People

Yoga made available for everyone. This is an organization that once again started on the west coast but has gained popularity in NYC. The program has multiple locations in the city. Their philosophy promotes donation based yoga classes for all types of people, with any level of experience, of any age. Most locations offer three different types of yoga classes including hot yoga. Select studios also offer active meditation sessions. One of our favorite locations is the St. Marks studio! To find a studio or check class times click here.

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If there is one fitness trend that took 2019 by storm it would be boxing. Studio boxing is a full body workout, popularized by models and celebrities. Studios like Barry’s Bootcamp made it available to the masses. Rumble offers boxing based fitness classes for every skill level. Rumble was founded in New York City by four entrepreneurs, including former Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Noah Neiman. HIIT classes set to high energy music and lights encourage participants to have fun and get the most out of a workout. Find a Rumble studio near you by clicking here.

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The High Line

Fresh air is so important and New Yorkers know it. The High Line is a 1.45 mile long path over flowing with specific garden zones and nature. Located in the heart of Chelsea, the high line is a unique alternative to one of the city’s many parks. The High Line is built on a historic elevated freight line near Chelsea market and ends at the Hudson Yard. To further get your blood pumping, climb up the 154 flights of stairs in the brand new Vessel structure.

New York high line

Finally, remember that fitness and healthy activities can be found all over the city. New York is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with amenities like Central Park or the East River running path. If you can spend a day, take a train to one of the near-by state parks for hiking. Also available are the city’s many farmers markets where you can go for fresh produce and food from local vendors. New York might not have the LA climate, but the city is certainly becoming a hub for health nuts.

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