8 Ways to Prevent Getting Sick This Summer

prevent getting sick

As the summer nears, be sure to take care of yourself:

It is understandable that everyone wants to prevent getting sick, but this is especially true during the summertime. No one wants to be stuck in bed when it’s the perfect beach day outside.

Everyone’s body is different, but generally speaking, these ideas will help you fight off the germs that surround you on a daily.

1. Eat citrus every day or as much as you can

Citrus falls under the fruit category, but it is special because it can be really beneficial for overall health. As studies have shown, it might have anti-cancer properties as well as tons of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Not only is this helpful, but citrus can also help you absorb more iron in your diet. This will help prevent you from getting sick too.

By eating a few slices of grapefruit or an orange in the morning, you are setting up your body to fight germs.

2. Go outside more

Vitamin D is another really good vitamin that will help everyone prevent sickness. As Dr. Manny mentions in another article, Vitamin D slows the process of viral infections.

Vitamin D is the vitamin that most people get from the sun, so it is important to go outside when it’s nice out in the summer. It can lower the risk of illness, depression, and bone problems.

Overall, it is important to have, especially when you are trying to prevent getting sick. If you stay inside a lot and don’t take vitamins, you might be deficient in these vitamins and have a weaker immune system.

3. Take Zicam RapidMelts

If you start to feel a cold coming on, try a cold remedy like Zicam RapidMelts. Most people load up on vitamin C when they begin to feel sick, but zinc can actually help even more.

Zinc can reduce both the symptoms and duration of a common cold as it says on the website. This can be a great medication in order to prevent getting sick with a bad cold. It might fend off the cold altogether or stop its severity. This way, you might only end up with a slightly runny nose.

4. Sleep extra

One of the oldest illness remedies and preventions is lots of sleep. As studies have shown 7-8 hours of sleep a night can really make a difference in preventing illness. This is especially true for colds.

Even though everyone’s body is different, sleep is a universal boost to the immune system. It will at least prevent it from getting very low and allow you to catch a cold easily. The more sleep you get, the stronger your immune system is along with your chances of fighting off a virus.

5. Exercise at a moderate intensity

Another way to prevent getting sick is working out. However, you don’t want to work out too much, or else, you could wear your body out even more.

Moderate-intensity exercise can help boost your immune system because it increases blood circulation according to Harvard Health Publishing. This would include something like a light jog or a bike ride of some sort.

If you don’t exercise often, then it is probably not a good idea to start when you are run down. Going for a brisk walk might be enough to get the circulation in your body moving.

6. Eating a healthy diet

In addition to eating some citrus foods, it is important to eat an overall healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, and proteins are the best foods to help you and your immune system stay strong. It is a good idea to avoid eating processed or fast foods. These types of foods cannot provide the same nutrients and minerals that things like raw spinach and tomatoes can.

7. Beware of airborne germs

This is a preventative technique that a lot of people might not think of. There are other ways to catch illnesses other than swapping spit with someone who is sick. If someone sick sneezes, coughs or accidentally spits nearby you, their germs go into the air that you breathe.

It is important if you are trying to prevent getting sick that you attempt to not inhale this air. If you put your sleeve over your mouth and nose for a few seconds after, it could prevent you from breathing in their germs.

8. Drink lots of water

Lastly, a New York Times article mentions that drinking extra fluids might not be the miracle cure for colds. However, staying hydrated during illness is always a good idea. This can prevent other complications from occurring and help thin your body’s mucus during colds or other viruses. This, in turn, can help the virus resolve faster.

Overall, doing a little bit of each of these preventative techniques will help you stay healthier this summer. These 8 ideas are easy ways to keep your immune system strong even when you are feeling run down.

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