Wine World Trends for 2016


The wine world is exploding.

So many cool things are happening but to get a real sense of what to expect in 2016, I reached out to the pros to see what they think will be the upcoming trends. And it’s all good news for wine drinkers.

People Are Talking

People are talking about wine more than ever and I hope they never stop. They’re slowly getting to a point where they’re no longer intimidated by sommeliers, they’re reading stuff on the Web and even enrolling in wine-education courses.

If only we were this excited about school.

This is my most favorite trend so you’re homework assignment is to keep it going.

Here are some of the other 2016 trends to expect:

  • Wine Tech Will Take Off
  • You’re Going to Drink More Sparkling Wine
  • You’ll Have More By-The-Glass Options at Bars and Restaurants
  • You’ll Be Offered Syrah Instead of King Cab
  • Millennials Are Going to Start to Affect the Wine World Too
  • Wines from Countries Other Than Italy and France Will Become Your Favorites
  • There Will Be Much More to Read on Your Wine Labels

This is all good news for us wine drinkers. So start 2016 with an open mind and a willingness to expand your wine world. And be sure to read on here for more details on all those awesome trends above.

Cent’ Anni.

And you know I would love to hear your thoughts on this, the wines you are drinking or anything else…so send me a quick note!

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