5 Simple Tips for Juggling Family and Fitness

Even the most accomplished jugglers would have to admit that they didn’t get it right on their first try.

5 Simple Tips for Juggling Family and Fitness

When thinking about juggling family and fitness one of the biggest complaints an individual may have is that they simply don’t feel like they have enough time for everything they need or want to accomplish in their life. Many individuals wonder how they can ever have enough time to actually work a full week, take care of their family, and still maintain a high level of fitness. Unfortunately, when an individual decides that something in their life has to give, they often drop something that is very important to them according to James Everett, President of WellSquad, there is no reason that an individual should have to choose between family or fitness, especially when both can contribute to the healthy, happy life most individuals desire to lead. The following are five tips for how to successfully juggle family and fitness:

Don’t expect immediate perfection.

Even the most accomplished jugglers would have to admit that they didn’t get it right on their first try. It’s important to shift things slowly, with your end goals always in mind, and not expect immediate perfection.

Understand time management.

Successfully juggling a busy life that includes both family and fitness doesn’t mean that one needs to make more time, it means that they need to learn how to better manage their time. In many cases, an individual is devoting time to something that is unnecessary, and while at first this may be difficult to spot, it can be quite relieving in the long wrong to let go of. For example, you may feel that you absolutely must watch a favorite TV show every week, but the truth is that you may be much more satisfied if you devote this time to family or fitness instead.

Establish your expectations.

You may hear about an individual who miraculously is juggling a full-time job, two part-time jobs, a large family and an intensive fitness schedule and while this is definitely admirable, the important question is: what do you want? Establishing your basic expectations will allow you to take baby steps forward until you can successfully juggle family and fitness schedules.

Change your habits.

If you currently feel that you cannot juggle both family and fitness, it’s time to change your basic habits. Again, these should involve baby steps, but every change should be worthwhile. If you get up early in the morning so that you can play video games for a while, maintain your schedule but change what you do with it. Go for a run or spend time with your family–either way this subtle shift can entirely change your outlook.

Prioritize your life.

The simple truth is that no matter how much we may want our life to work perfectly, there will be times when something will just have to give. By prioritizing your life, you can make sure that family and fitness are not the first things that have to give, and in fact are the last things that would ever have to give.

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