5 Amazing Healing Crystals For Anxiety

healing crystals for anxiety

Stress and anxiety are something we all encounter at one point in time or another. Some of us deal with it on a regular basis. It is important that when you have stress or anxiety that you find helpful ways to cope with it, and the more natural the better. This is where using healing crystals for anxiety can be extremely beneficial.

There are many kinds of crystals out there that do a number of things like healing the body, mind, and soul, and they can also help to promote good energy flow so that you have every advantage of becoming happier and healthier.

Let’s take a look at the six healing crystals for anxiety that are the most beneficial.

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6 Healing Crystals for Anxiety


This beautiful purple crystal is known as “The Anxiety Alleviator.” With that being said, if you suffer from stress and anxiety, you will want this with you at all times. Not only is it known to get rid of negative energies, but it is also said to attract positive ones. This allows you to feel calmer and reside in a place of security. It is also helpful for those that have trouble sleeping due to a racing mind. Those who swear by it say it will quiet your thoughts and you will experience the most blissful sleep ever. Who doesn’t want that?


Known as “The Stone of Compassion” rhodonite is an extremely powerful crystal. Want to release things that no longer serve you? This is the crystal for you! It helps to bring order to your life which in return eases those feelings of panic that come with anxiety. Rhodonite is a nurturer of love and will provide you with a safe space to release old hurts from the past. Not only that, but you will likely find yourself feeling more empathy and being open to others who are hurting. When you yourself are able to heal, you are then better able to help others.

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Just the name makes you think of lighthearted happiness. Known as “The Composer,” citrine is one of the most amazing healing crystals for anxiety because it winds through your being, turning uncertainty and doubt into warmth, motivation, and clarity. With citrine you will feel the tension leave your body and a relaxation and calmness will blanket you. You can tell just by looking at this beautiful golden crystal just how amazing it is. You will feel joyful and hopeful all at once.


Are you a mom? If so, you know that life can get pretty chaotic quickly. This amazing crystal works with our femininity to balance our hormones. It works to balance us out so that we can continue to grow in our femininity and gain strength and knowledge. There are a lot of firsts when you’re a mom. This crystal allows you to take them on with sense of calm and confidence.

Rose Quartz

This beautiful pink crystal is known as the crystal of love. If you are working towards loving yourself more, this is the crystal for you! It nurtures love, creativity, and you will often find yourself inspired when its around. With this crystal by your side, you will grow in your love, honor, and respect for yourself. When you are able to love yourself, you can achieve just about anything.

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Stress and anxiety, left untreated, can lead to multiple health problems. Taking the time to add some healthy stress relievers to your day will go a long way in improving your overall well-being. Crystals have been used for centuries to aid in balancing people in such a way that they are able to calmly walk through life with confidence.

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