4 Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Home Office

4 Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Home Office 1

Work consumes a large portion of our days, even while we many of us are working from home it is still a good idea to think about promoting a healthy mind and body during our working hours. Happiness, friendliness, and cooperation are all vital to your company’s success, and a few changes and adjustments to your workspace, your home office can be a healthy environment for everybody.

Here we have gathered 4 ideas about how to promote wellness in your home office.

Redesign your workspace

Having a workspace thats let in a lot of natural light brightens the work environment. If possible try to design your home work space so that walls do not block natural light. Adding plants in your office space can help cleanse the air while refreshing your employees’ minds, and can add a little earthy decor. Also, try writing inspiring messages on a post it notes and leave them around your home office for encouragement.

Schedule Exercise Breaks

Implementing new practices into your company’s culture will eventually become a part of the norm. Russo suggests using balance balls instead of chairs, encouraging the use of pedometers, having height-adjusted standing desks as an alternative, and setting walking goals can all improve your employees’ daily mind functions and overall well-being. If you are willing to splurge on an exercise bike a Peloton, like I did, feel free to use the discount code that was provided to me to snag yourself a cool $100 off: AC7M2F.

Rethink your dress code

Instead of requiring your employees to be dressed in suits and ties or dresses and heels, let your employees dress more casual to encourage comfort and friendliness. Unless they are working with a client or other people outside of your organization, allow them to dress casually to promote wellness. Even pick one day of the week to dress down, like Fridays.

Don’t forget to have fun! Try switching up your look so sweats and a tee doesn’t become your everyday uniform. Turn your daily outfit into a game or challenge for yourself. Try a week where each day signifies a different attitude and dress the “tude”!

Keep healthy snacks in the kitchen

Instead of keeping candy and sweets in the kitchen, make sure there are always healthier choices — like fruit and cheese platters — for everybody to snack on. Unhealthy foods will add up over time, so opting for healthy choices will greatly improve the wellness for you and your entire family. Everyone in your family will feel less tempted to indulge when there is a bowl of pretzels and carrot sticks instead of a tray of cupcakes in the fridge.

With a few adjustments, your office can be a happier and friendlier environment. Your overall wellness is essential for your success, so encouraging your entire family to make healthy choices will help your home life and your professional life, especially now that the two are one!