12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

Gifts for Travelers
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Wanderlusts are a specific breed. They thrive on planning trips, exploring new locales, and escaping their corner of the world to experience different cultures, try unfamiliar foods, and meet people they’d otherwise never encounter. 

When you gift travel lovers something that’ll enhance their adventures, you’re saying to them that you understand this is a core part of who they are, and that you support their jet-setting ways!

If you’re seeking the best gifts for travelers, the below items will jump-start your search. 

gifts for travelers

Priority Lounge Pass, $99+

Any frequent traveler will tell you that, as glamorous as it is to see the world, travel is exhausting. Spending time in VIP airport lounges can help, especially between long layovers! The Priority Pass is good for one year and provides your giftee more affordable access to over 1300 lounges around the globe. If you splurge on the $299 pass, they’ll get 10 free visits, and then additional visits are only $32 thereafter.

gifts for travelers

Cadence Refillable Capsules, $76 for 6

If your favorite traveler is also a skincare enthusiast, these refillable capsules are a must-have. They allow your giftee to bring all their goops and glops with them, and they can also house items like pills and jewelry. They’re magnetic, too, which means they naturally stick together but can come apart when you need. Choose from a range of colors.  

gifts for travlers

BessiePark Toiletry Bag, $22.71

You need something to store all your skincare and grooming essentials. This adorable toiletry bag, from Etsy Seller BessiePark, is made with Rifle Paper Co. fabric are generously sized at 6” wide by 3.5” high by 9”. 

gifts for travelers

Vorspack Toiletry Bag Hanging Dopp Kit, $16.99

As an alternative, opt for a handsome Dopp kit. This bestselling product on Amazon has over 2100 reviews and a five-star rating. Plus, you can choose from six different color options.

12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

Shane Co. Compass Charm in 14k Yellow Gold, $390

Surprise your travel giftee with the chicest piece of jewelry. This 14k gold compass charm with a sparkling round diamond represents grounding—even when you’re giftee is across the world or thousands of miles in the sky. We love that it’s subtle and sophisticated enough to be worn anytime, anywhere.

12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

Beis Weekender Bag, $98

No bonafide traveler would be seen hauling a big suitcase on a quick getaway. Cue the weekender bag, a chic solution that ensures your giftee is always prepared but not encumbered. We argue that Beis, founded by Shay Mitchell, makes one of the best weekender bags out there. Available in black, beige, grey, and plaid, it features an easy-access opening, separate bottom compartment for shoes, toiletries, dirty clothes, or wet swimsuits. It also has a zipper pocket on one side that turns into a trolley sleeve in case they want to slip it over their suitcase and use it as a carry on.

12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

LoveandLuxeHandmade Personalized Luggage Tag, $13+

Lost or misplaced luggage happens, but a luggage tag ensures your giftee’s belongings end up back at home safely (even if it does go on an adventure of its own). Plus, having a personalized luggage tag makes you feel more glam. These created by Etsy seller LoveandLuxeHandmade, are made from vegan leather and feature a gold foil monogram.

12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

Paraval Aviator Suitcase, $375

If you’re aiming to seriously spoil your traveling giftee, a timeless piece of luggage is definitely the way to go. Paravel’s Aviator Carry-On Plus is big enough for an entire week’s worth of cloths, plus several pairs of shoes and other essentials, and still meets all TSA size requirements. We especially love that it’s made from sustainable materials, including vegan leather and recycled items. Multiple color options are available. 

12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

Ann Voyage Belleville Earrings, $45

There are many airplane earrings to choose from out there, but this pair feels extra special with its asymmetry. One is a stud, and the other dangles elegantly. They’re made from .925 sterling silver, which means they’re approved for even sensitive ears.

12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

Travel Defined T-Shirt, $15

Any traveler will understand the message of this t-shirt, which reads: “Travel (n.) the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” Sizes range from XS to 3X and you can choose either black or white.

12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

Calpak Laptop Bag, $128

Deceivingly roomy, Calpak’s Laptop Bag is for the jetsetter who can’t be without their laptop. It boasts a double compartment filled with helpful pockets that’ll keep you organized, including a laptop sleeve. You can fit more than you think inside, and there’s even a trolley sleeve that allows your giftee to slip the bag over their luggage handle for simpler toting. 

12 Covetable Gifts for Travelers

Knock Knock Pack This! Pad Packing List Notepad, $7

Forgetting to pack something is the worst, but this handy notepad will help your traveling giftee remember it all. It’s a 6×9” notepad that allows them to jot down the destination, special events, days, and even weather. From there, they can use the comprehensive checklist to ensure they cover all their bases.

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