September 24, 2019 11:24 pm

10 Tricks and Treats to Make Your House the Spookiest on the Block

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Tricking out your home for Halloween is one of the best parts of the year. Watching kids run away without candy and getting to eat a whole bowl full of king sized snickers is my favorite way to pass time on Halloween. I mean someone has to eat them.

Getting the right combination of mystery and creepy isn’t a simple task. You want the right air of creepy, mixed with the fun of the season. So we hunted for the full moon deals and found the best tricks to make your treaters wish they had gotten a waterproof mattress cover.

Window Hangings

It pays to start small. A fabric window hanger can be hung quickly at night and taken down in the morning. So kids passing by in a car on the way home don’t know what they saw. Place it in a back bedroom that is only barely visible and your neighborhood kids will have nightmares for years.

Bug Swarms

Speaking of Nightmares, who can stand creepy crawlers at anytime of the year. For just a few dollars you can get a 100 pack of realistic looking cockroaches that you can spread everywhere. On the walk up to the front porch, in the candy bowl, or even in your mouth as you open the door. Be careful though dumping them into the bag of the last trick or treater to ring your bell at the end of the night might get you a call from a distressed parent that started finding them everywhere.


Scopophobia is the anxiety you get, the fear that you are always being stared at. It is one of the most common fears that everyone experiences, and with this 50 pack of eyeballs you can give your trick or treaters lasting phobias into adulthood by placing them everywhere. In your brushes, in your flowers, up your driveway, or on your doorbell. It's strange but parents will be more afraid then the cheerfully innocent kids walking up your path. 


Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins. Pumpkins will be everywhere this Halloween, it was a great growing year in most of the country. If you want the the scariest pumpkin on the block. It is going to take some DIY. I recommend Lundy Cupp’s Realistic Pumpkin Carving book. It includes great pictures and methods of making frankly horrific pumpkin carvings. I love “The Trapped”

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Skeletons- pieces or whole doing odd things or hiding in places

Skeletons are a reminder of our own mortality and the ending of all things. Plus they are fun to pose in bushes or trees, have them do ridiculous poses on your roofs or as a costume. Place them in your parked car with a motion sensor and freak out the meter maid. There is no end of fun you can have. While you have many choices, we found the best option is Crazy Bones Pose-N-Stay. Light but poseable for any position you want them in.

Colored Bulbs for Your Porch

Nothing is more creepy than when what you see isn’t what you know. Grab a set of LED Flame bulbs for your porch, they give a fun look to entice trick or treaters in orange, but grab green or red and come sun set the fun begins at red and green light will throw off your trick or treaters normal senses.

Ghosts for the Lawn

This one is another cheap and fast DIY project, grab some a couple styrofoam spheres and some fabric. Mount the spheres on some cheap garden posts, add fabric and make creepy ghosts that move in the wind. I always love to use black. Paint the spheres black and use black cloth for hard to see ghosts, that always move out of the corner of your eye.

Scarecrow Dummy

I am a firm believer in the old man dressed up as a scarecrow holding the candy bowl. But if you don’t want to sit in the cold all night think about setting up the California Costumes Sadistic Scarecrow and allow him to dish out treats on your behalf. Let's see how many kids are brave enough to grab candy from this creepy character!

Bonus points if you get two costumes and change places a couple of times.

Trick Candy Dish

If they make it all the way to your door, I guess you will have to give them a treat but not before one last trick. We had a party at our house and made up a spooky dish with creepy critters and candy mixed in. If you dont have the time to dream up a plate like this we suggest a motion activated candy bowl that is sure to scare the unsuspecting candy thefts. Combining this with the scarecrow dummy is certain to make your house the talk of the town. The bowls eyes light up and it can also let out a hideous shriek for that extra bit of fright.

We suggest adding some creepy crawlers, for that extra little spook.