10 TikTok-Inspired Holiday Gifts for 2021

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So much has (thankfully) changed since our isolating days in quarantine, but one thing that hasn’t is our obsession with TikTok. Yep—it still occupies far too much of our free time, and even a little bit (or maybe a lot) of the time we should be spending doing other important things (like working—whoops!).

The good news is that all that scrolling time was not wasted. We learned quite a lot from TikTok this past year, namely all of the gifts we want to include on our holiday wish list this year. Whether you’re looking for gift inspiration for yourself or your loved ones, we’ve got you covered with these TikTok-influenced products that are sure to please the crowd at your holiday gathering. 

Here are 10 TikTok-inspired holiday gift ideas.

Bulletproof Starter Kit ($25; shop.bulletproof.com)

The proffee (protein shake and coffee) trend has been going strong on TikTok and in kitchens everywhere, because, why not enjoy your coffee with a little bit of extra nutrition? Bulletproof has quickly become a cult favorite because it offers that perfect mix of protein and coffee that tastes delicious and leaves you feeling full, energized and ready to tackle your day. This starter kit comes with everything needed—Bulletproof Original Ground Coffee, Original Creamer and an exclusive Coffee Frother.


don’t worry I have more sriracha

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Immi Instant Ramen Variety Pack ($39; shop.immieats.com)

The ultimate, crowd-pleasing meal that’s taking over everyone’s FYPs (for you pages) is Cheesy Ramen (originally from Snackqween), so it only makes sense to gift your TikTok-loving friend some at-home, instant ramen—but not just any old brand of ramen. Immi is the very first low-carb, high-protein ramen that is 100 percent plant-based (yes, seriously). It also has up to 35 percent less sodium than traditional instant ramen brands, but is packed with 3 times the protein and 4 times fiber.


JUST DROPPED: The Long Sleeve Soft Lounge Dress. The social sensation you’ve seen all over your feed is getting a winter update #SKIMSdress #dresstok

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Soft Lounge Long Sleeve Dress ($88; skims.com)

You don’t even have to be on TikTok to know a thing or two about SKIMS—AKA Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand that sells some of the most comfortable undergarments, loungewear, PJs and clothing you’ve ever slipped into. The only catch is that everything flies off the shelves, so you better get them when they’re in—or join the waitlist for a restock alert!


This is also a PSA to jump on Winc’s Summer Water Rosé before it sells out 🍷 #summer2021 #summermusthaves #roseallday

♬ Summer Love – Coke Youngblood

VoChill Personal Wine Chiller ($38; amazon.com)

Hate when you pour yourself a glass of white, sparking or rosé wine but then get sidetracked by another project so that, by the time you get back to that beautiful bevy you poured, it’s now room temperature (yuck)? Those days are gone thanks to this neat little TikTok find. VoChill is a handy, table-top device that keeps your glass of wine the perfect temperature the entire time you’re sipping it—and even when you’re not. 

Big Blanket Original Stretch™ Blanket ($159; bigblanket.com)

This video alone has more than 2.3 million likes on TikTok—and it’s no surprise why after all, as these 10×10-foot blankets are the new way to Netflix and chill. They’re huge—like, big enough to cover your entire family (and maybe even your extended family too). They come in a ton of colors and are great for blanket forts, family movie night and snuggling with a blanket-hogging significant other.


How I curl my hair with the Chi Spin N Curl! use my discount code “NiceYolanda” for $$ off. @chihaircare #CHIPartner #CHIMyWay

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CHI Spin N Curl Ceramic Rotating Curler ($70; amazon.com)

This self-spinning curling tool is cropping up on beauty tutorials everywhere, including TikTok. Not only is the end result of using this modern-day curling iron absolutely divine, but it does all the work for you. Seriously, you don’t have to know how to use a curling iron to score major bombshell curls from this thing. With a digital temperature display, easily adjustable temperature settings, built-in tangling protection and conditioning benefits of negative ions, creating a runaway-worthy styling look has never been easier.

10 TikTok-Inspired Holiday Gifts for 2021

Iconic Halo Light Pro 10” Led Ring Light With Adjustable Tripod Stand ($30; jcpenney.com)

If the person you’re gifting is really into TikTok, they may be considering becoming a TikTok star themselves, which means they’re going to need a halo light. This one is not only reasonably priced, but it also comes with an adjustable tripod stand, smartphone holder and microphone mount. Hello, Hollywood!


Everyday 2-in-1 Activity Dress ($50; thehalara.com)

This is the viral TikTok fave that put Halara on the map—the singular dress that doubles as workout attire. Let’s just say you’ve never felt softer fabric, nor felt like something was made for your figure as much as this weightless dress with built-in romper and bra. Oh, and it has pockets on both sides, so it’s literally all you need, whether you’re hitting brunch with the girls or the gym with friends. 

Oceavity Waterproof Shower Phone Holder ($17; amazon.com)

For the friend who literally can’t stop scrolling—even when they’re doing important things, like taking a shower—this is the gift of the year. It’s also the perfect price point for a Secret Santa, Yankee Swap or stocking stuffer. Just as the name suggests, this thing sticks right to your shower wall with 3M tape so you can enjoy entertainment while you rinse. 

Cricut Explore® 3 ($300; cricut.com)

If you’re OK shelling out the big bucks for someone on your list this year—and that someone just so happens to be a DIY lover, you’ve found what you’re looking for in the Cricut Explore® 3. Type in the hashtag #cricut on TikTok and you’ll find 2.8+ billion views. This is their newest launch, capable of cutting 100+ materials up to 12 feet long. It’s great for the crafty loved one in your life who’s probably going to use their new gift to make something for you!

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